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  1. <besserwisser>Well, I said it a few days ago in this thread. Same old "boring" Nikon DSLR in a new wrapping. I was hoping I was wrong though.</besserwisser> Mac
  2. The old-school exposure comp dial placing on top of the ISO dial looks horribly impractical when you're used to having a dedicated one accessible by the right thumb such as on the Fuji X-series. Can likely use the rear thumb wheel for exposure comp through a menu setting, but man, what a frankencamera! Mac
  3. I've been following the DF-discussion on this and other forums lately and it's quite entertaining. A lot of nay and yay! I still have some Nikon film bodies and a few classic Nikkors but in reality I've jumped ship and shoot Fujji X these days. This not from dissatisfaction with Nikon, it was just down to size, portability and a deep crush on the design and feel of the X-Pro 1. These days I rarely do paid work and photography is in reality just my "yoga" and hobby. Under such circumstances megapixels and ultimate functionality/performance in every category obviously becomes less important. Now, I have been hoping for a retro-modern stylish Nikon body to emerge and the DF gave me initial hope. We now know a little more about this body and can read between the lines and draw a few likely conclusions. Three of them makes this a no go for me personally (clearly what floats our boats will differ). 1. It's retro as in having a classic shaped mirror bump and some designated dials, but the body is likely a modern metal frame clad in that plastic stuff that Nikon uses on other bodies and rubberized grip hotspots. 2. It seems (at least to my reasoning) very unlikely that there's an EVF, How the OVF is, size, magnification and focus screens remains to be seen. 3. It's obviously F-mount (i,e. no short flange distance dream for adapting lenses). In other words, while Nikon attempt to cater to a group of enthusiasts it seems clear that they are still being very conservative and that they are not going to drop the Nikon equivalent of the A7 on the marked. I have to question the validity of this strategy. There is no innovation here, it's just maintaining a status quo. I think a lot of peeps will be unhappy when the initial buzz after the marketing campaign dies out and the camera is released and people realize that this is just yet another body albeit a slightly different design concept from the main line of DSLRs. C'mon Nikon, you can surely be more exiting than this! Mac
  4. For those living under a rock. v3.01 correcting the movie mode issue was released yesterday. Now on video, I rarely make images for money anymore and couldn't care less for the changes in the biz..except.. I'm a news junkie and keep an eye on what is happening in the world. The last few years the online newspapers have become increasingly based on video and often without any article following or leading up to the vid. I'm also deaf but I talk and listen just like everyone else. I don't hear everything well, background noise, weird dialects or no lips to read makes catching things more difficult. Videos and television is a huge problem for the likes of me (bless subtitled content). So, one could rightfully argue that videofied newspapers is a democratic problem and excluding practise. Consider the fact that 10-20 % of the population in developed countries have a hearing problem to some degree and with the iPod generation closing in on middle age this won't become less of an health issue or complex social problem. IMHO this is much more problematic than purely photo-estethic snobbery, the eternal downfall of journalistic craftmanship or too many unused functions and buttons on our cameras -Mac
  5. Apparently it's 1920/24 something and actually not that bad if you're into filming stationary brick walls with the camera welded to a piece of railroad track -Mac
  6. Why certainly, in some cases video recording results in garbled files. I must admit I have never used that feature in my 10 months of owning the X-Pro 1 They've come clean quickly and I'm guessing we'll have a v3.01 in a few days. Still photography works fine and this is not a camera wrecking bug. -Mac
  7. The long awaited firmware update for the X-system is out now! http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/xpro1/ My initial testing shows considerable AF improvements especially for the XF60 macro lens which I'm loving more and more. Compared to v1.00 it is not recognizable as the same lens. The XF14 and 35 have also gotten a bit spiffier. Focusing peaking is also added and by initial testing it looks like more legacy glass fun is upon those of us not quite as fond of magnified view. I have to give kudos to Fuji for supplying really substantial firmware updates that does more than just fixing bugs. There are still a few niggles with the X-Pro 1, like the AutoISO implementation, but hopefully we'll get this in the next update Mac
  8. Thank you for your suggestion! Well, my measurements are only rough but flange focal distance is probably somewhere between 34 and 35mm (frankly, I'm a bit unsure where to start/stop measuring). In other words, the same territory as Contax RF, Nikon S and 4/3 (not m4/3). I was wrong initially thinking it was shorter than M39/LTM. The threads are a bit weird, besides of the small diameter. Somehow I forgot to elaborate that in the first post The mount on the camera is male and the lens female, the opposite of the other two screw mounts that I know, M39 and M42. One do not twist the whole lens to mount it, just the rearmost ring which can move freely in both directions. There is also a notch in the lens housing that goes over a little knob on the cameras side of the mount that keeps the scales on the lens pointing the right way (first time I looked at the camera I thought this was an RF coupling). I'll have to ponder how to proceed. First thing must be to modify a Nikon S -> Fuji X adapter, as it seems to be close (maybe even correct) in thickness. Perhaps I can grind off the bayonet "wings" on the adapter, place the lens and then glue it with black silicone or similar removable/non-destructive glue or even use black tape .Getting something custom machined ain't gonna happen I think and given the unusual threads I won't find anything existing that does the trick. Mac
  9. Earlier this summer I was given a box with old photo gear by someone that knows I just love old cameras. The box seemed to contain the leftovers of a photographers private equipment. It contained various lenses (nothing particularly exciting unfortunately), an OM-10, a Topcon RE-2, a Canon Super-8 vid cam, a decent developer tank, a shoddy focus rail and the odd duckling.. A German Akarette II (1950-54) camera body with two lenses, Schneider-Kreuznach Xenagon 35/3.5 and Xenar 45/2.8. I have not been able to find much information about this camera. What is obvious is that the Akarette is a interchangeable lens 35mm with a leaf shutter (1/300th max) in the body. It does not appear to have a rangefinder, even if it got two viewfinders, one marked for 50mm and one for 75mm. So as far as I am able to determine it is zone focus only. Kind of a poor mans Leica III minus the rangefinder I suppose. The camera and the lenses are well made as stuff from this era tend to be. The body actually clicks at most shutter speeds and it ain't "that" far off. Probably possible to put a roll through it. No disintegrating light seals to deal with as light sealing relies simply on an unusally deep film hatch about half the camera thickness. The hotshoe (not really a hotshoe, no flash sync port, so must be solely for external viewfinders) is actually on the film hatch and not the body itself! The body must have been used (and loved) quite a bit for the wear it shows and it is of course full of dust. The focus ring of the 35mm is somewhat sticky, but the aperture blades move as they should (of course, no stop down lever so even gunky old oil has a hard time keeping the blades from moving). The 45mm have taken a fall sometime (its beautifully stitched brown leather holster was full of mud and scratches) and although there are no real dents, it shows various signs of damage. The aperture blades and ring moves fine, but the focus ring is stuck. Very stuck! Now, I have not been able to find the flange focal distance of this mount which appear to be unique, but it appears to be shorter than M39. The screw mount is kind of a weird M36 according to one source. It is certainly slightly narrower than M39/LTM. The lenses are incredibly compact, even compared to M39/M-mount stuff. Probably none really knows much about this system, but I thought I'd give the Lens-section on Nikongear a shot although I am probably outside the scope of this forum (mods, I'm ready for my spanking). I'm looking to try to make some kind of makeshift adapter to a mirrorless like Fuji X, although I fear that will prove impossible. Anyway, any information, tips or suggestions is welcome! Some crooked shots... Akarette II Lenses, compared to a standard size Zippo. Mac
  10. Thank you for the samples and observations! Appears to be an impressive lens this. Becoming increasingly hard not to press the "Buy" button on my online camera store of choice Mac
  11. I've said elsewhere that the X-system isn't for everyone and I stand by that. It's not an elitist thing at all, even quite the opposite in some cases. Now, you'll have to excuse me as I'm getting too old, grumpy, disillusioned and tired over the ever present discussions and obsession over the latest sensors, sharpness, RAW-converters and so forth. Especially as I don't earn money from making images anymore and the fact that almost nobody seem to care for those few extra and hardly discernible levels of detail, color fidelity and dynamic and tonal range that we work so obsessively hard to achieve. So much photography in magazines, papers, ads, books and brochures be simply poor quality or in such small print sizes that you could really get by with a 2005-era camera phone. So the question for farts like me boil down to having a camera that one enjoy using with a size and form factor that is practical. If it got the capability to make quite high-quality output when all precautions are taken, that's an added bonus. Obviously, since I'm writing this the X-Pro1 gives me this on a private level - images I'm pleased with in a convenient package with some very cool lenses while I don't feel IQ-restricted compared to DSLRs. That's really all I care about at this point. I'm very well aware that this doesn't cut it for many of the regulars of this forum but we're entitled to have different opinions. That said, my personal experiences don't quite mirror schwett's as I find the X-Pro1 have better overall IQ than the D7000 that I used to shoot and thus is my baseline. I see a little more detail at pixel level even in jpgs and the color is pleasing. The RAWs can be pulled back a little more in the highlights too, while I'm not so sure about shadows yet. Schwett is much more of an analytic than I'll ever be and I have nothing but respect for that and I'm not here to argue his findings! I have to sort of underline that I don't think X-trans is the second coming of Christ, although the technology shows promise. Many years of working with digital technology have taught me one thing - the wheel is very rarely reinvented and it's more often than not about baby steps. It's mostly just refinement of already existing technology and what on paper sounds great might in reality just be a smudge better or often simply just presented in a more attractive manner. I'll say good night and hoist a cold one for you all with a casual OOC jpg, resized for web, not pixel-sharp, with a less than pleasing background and composition of my bro Shikko. A sceptical one, but at least he can be lured to approve of the X-Pro when there's a snack held just out of the frame Peace out! Mac
  12. One can hope, however I don't think it'll happen, at least it would have to be yet another new system as the X-mount lenses only cover APS-C. Mac
  13. We should start an Internet campaign and gather frustrated X-system owners and do a loud demo outside Adobe's headquarters in CA. I'm thinking burning retail boxes of Adobe-products and rythmic slogans! Mac
  14. A wet dream for a retro-fan like me would be a retro styled Nikon rangefinderish mirrorless based loosely on the S-series design. However, for the last 20 years Nikon have time and time again showed that design isn't their thing. I haven't found a Nikon pretty or cool since the F4. They pretty much share that with their nemesis Canon though However, choosing mount is obviously a compromise and you can never make everyone happy. I prefer a modern electronic one and ideally a fully functional F-mount adapter bundled with the bodies. Never going to happen, yes I know Mac
  15. Whatever can be said about the relative optical quality and performance of an extreme lens like this (ultra-super-fast lenses being what they inevitably are), I do like the initiative and that we're seeing such lenses pop up from 3rd parties. Mac
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