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  • About Photo Sharing On Fotozones


    The communal veins of Fotozones revolves around members sharing their images on the website. Images can be posted in 2 different places. 


    Posting In The Forums


    If you are a registered member you can post your images into the image sharing forums as found under the Photo Sharing menu item. Each area is specific to a certain type of photography, e.g. nature, photojournalism, macro, etc. 


    Certain levels of members are allowed to use the attachments feature which enables them to upload their images directly to the post they are making. Alternatively it is also possible to use bbcode to link to your images which may be hosted elsewhere (eg, Photobucket, Flickr, etc). 


    Once an image is posted other members can comment on the image or simply click the Like button to show they appreciate the image. Or they can do both. The members who acquire the most "likes" have these added to their overall popularity score and this can be seen on the Leaderboard


    Posting In The Galleries


    Each member of Fotozones is assigned a personal gallery where they can create photo albums either for public or private viewing. In addition there are also galleries for specific types of photography where there is no ownership and anybody can upload to these. 


    When uploading to the gallery (your own or the public albums), a thumbnail of what you have uploaded will appear on the Unread Content activity stream that is seen by logged in members. When you upload to the forums there is no thumbnail preview. 


    Front Page Headliners (NEW!)


    Whenever an image or article that is posted to any of the input areas catches our eye we promote it to our front page as a Headliner item. These pieces of content will get more exposure on the site for their owners.  


    Posting NSFW Material (Not Safe For Work)


    If you are intending to submit photos containing nudity please use the NSFW sub-board in the People forum. Also, make sure that you prefix your subject title with NSFW so that those visitors who do use Fotozones in an office environment are not at risk of getting dismissed for viewing your photos while on a work break. Thank you for your consideration. Also, please note that Fotozones management reserves the right to remove any post containing imagery that we deem to be unsuitable. 


    We hope that you enjoy the community of photographers here and we look forward to seeing your photos on our site. If you have any questions about anything please use the Contact Us form and we will try our best to help you. 

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