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It’s an interesting question, fully deserving of an honest answer since this has been by far the busiest year of my 10 year long stint as a freelance photographer.
The first thing I learned is that when you have a satisfied customer your enthusiasm to satisfy them even more intensifies. The better you are at producing what they need to fulfil their mission, the likelier they are to keep coming back to you and also referring you to others. This leads you to find new ways to impress them at the next incidence, even if it’s just an incremental change from before.
For instance...
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POTW #2.11 Illumination Of Objects Of Architecture
Ed's Notes: a beautiful image showing contrasts of warm and cold colours, manmade and natural elements. Taken from this series. 
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The Lion Whisperer & His Black Leopards
Kevin Richardson is a tireless campaigner for lions and other wildlife here in South Africa. He runs a sanctuary for these animals just outside of Johannesburg and next year on the day before our safari to Sabi Sabi begins I will be taking our small group on a day trip to visit this sanctuary (and hopefully meet Kevin himself). 
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POTW #2.10 Ribbons Of White & Grey
Ed's notes: Somehow I forgot to make this POTW last week. It should have actually been put up earlier, but I have an excuse. This is one of a series of really excellent architectural shots from Mike. I chose this one because of the human element and the way the building frames the person. Great stuff, Mike! 
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DJI Osmo Pocket
They dropped this on us today. Oh my. I must have this before next year's Wildlife Safari! 
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Bootcamp Introduction to Aurora 2019
...here's a super video I found that shows what tools you have available to you in Aurora 2019. Enjoy! 
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POTW #2.9 Seascape with Otus 28mm 1.4
Ed's notes: Another lovely image by Aguinaldo found here. I particularly like the shape of the water coming onto the beach, which reminds me of the Rolling Stones tongue logo (for some reason). 
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Britain In Focus - A Photographic History (Ep. 1)
I came across this interesting documentary you guys might enjoy. 
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David Hurn - Magnum Photographer
Some very interesting chat and amusing anecdotes from Magnum photographer David Hurn, who was a prominent photographer in the 1960's. 
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POTW #2.7 Model 2
POTW #2.7: This is a great representation of a young model actively engaging the viewer with a deadly seductive pose! Excellent capture of a beautiful subject. 
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Street Photography With the Nikon Coolpix A
In my seemingly never ending quest for smaller and lighter gear for my street photography, I recently acquired a slightly used Nikon Coolpix A compact camera. 
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My First Impressions of the Nikon Z7 Mirrorless
My Nikon Z7 arrived and a hefty little thing it is. No, it is not as large as my D850, but it is heavy enough with a lens on it.
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Wildlife Photography Feast
I just took a reservation fee for the last remaining spot on my small group 2019 Wildlife Photo Safari. Here's the Little Bush Female who gave us all some amazing photo opportunities last year. If I have posted this one before my apologies. 
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The Map Project
My colleague had been periodically taking photographs of the gardens at a stately home in the UK for the National Trust over the last couple of years. He was however somewhat taken aback when asked to photograph the 400 year old estate map drawn on vellum, that hangs in the Great Hall...
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Aiguille du Midi, France
Aiguille du Midi, France
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POTW #2.2 Koln Today
This is #2 in the second series of Pic Of the Week. It was difficult to select which of the images in this series should be made POTW. I chose this one because of the contrast, perspective and lines of contrails in the sky. Great shot! 
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Review: Luminar 2018
Over the years I have observed that there are three broad types of photographers. Those who love to take photos, those who love to edit them extensively, and those who love both the taking and editing processes. Unfortunately I don’t fall into either of the latter groups.
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Review: New Peak Design Leash
If I am working with my cameras and I don’t have my strap attached I invariably get asked by curious onlookers what those weird little red and black pill things are sticking off my camera. If I’m feeling playful I tell them that they are mood sensors and if they put it in their mouth for a second I will be able to read their mood through the camera.
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Shootin' In the Rain
A new product from ThinkTank especially designed for those of you with a propensity to go out shooting in the rain has just been announced. Check this out...
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Luxembourg City
Two images shot in Luxembourg City. Images converted to b&w with Nik Silver Efex (with use of red filter to enhance the skies). One on One (by Moreno Architecture, built 2015)
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Nikon Z6 or Canon EOS R?
If you were buying a mirrorless camera now and you weren't invested in either system, which of these mirrorless 35mm cameras would you buy and why? 
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Bearded Vulture in flight
Earlier this year I spent a weekend shooting vultures, specifically Bearded Vultures (Gypaetus Barbatus), in the Spanish side of the Alps. 
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