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Sue Bryce Studio Tour
I love looking into other photographer's creative spaces. I think I might actually be more of a design / decorator than a photographer! I like to see how they have things laid out, what they do with their spaces and if I see some ideas that I like I incorporate them into my own creative space. 
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Doing film photography with the Olympus OM-2n / En argentique avec l'Olympus OM-2n
A personal tribute for the 100th anniversary of Olympus
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hummingbird at lambs ear-0103.jpg
hummingbird at lambs ear
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Alpin Drums
A few weeks back I stumbled across Alpin Drums, a percussion/performance group.
When I booked the ticket I realized one of them was the percussionist from The Stimulators, a favourite band of mine.
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Joe McNally + Lastolight Tutorial
I haven't seen anything from Joe McNally in a long time (probably something to do with me not shooting Nikon anymore), so I thought I'd have a look in at some of his recent work. Here's a cool little video showing how he goes about lighting a male model in a garage using a variety of speed lights and some modifiers from Lastolite. 
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2 Workshops in Death Valley, February 2019
One of my favourite locations in the world for photography, Death Valley’s amazing landscapes are without equal anywhere in the World: what makes the Valley even more inspiring and photographically rewarding is the variety of very different landscapes and features concentrated in such a relatively small area.
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The Many Uses Of White Seamless
This 2 part series by Zack Arias was one of the more fundamental bits of knowledge I learned when I first started truly understanding how studio lighting works and also how to use it to your advantage. 
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hibiscus bud
playing with light
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Siberian Yarrow with a difference
Siberian Yarrow at St. Mary's, Alaska.  The bumblebee is an extra treat.  These were taken with an EM1 Mark II with an Olympus 60mm F2.8 macro lens. My reflection is visible in one of the bumblebee's eyes. I am standing next to a pickup truck that is also visible to the left of my reflection, in some images. 
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A magic Tuscan sunrise
The magical atmosphere of a Tuscan sunrise, taken during a Workshop I led in Tuscany in November 2017. Leica SL, Leica APO-Vario-Elmarit-SL 90-280mm and filters Formatt-Hitech Firecrest.
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Spring around the corner
Flower nearly all white so changed it to B & W
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Thomas Haden Church & Photojournalist Ed Keating
Thomas Haden Church has played many roles on both television and in movies. The role I remember him most for was as the dim witted aero-mechanic Lowell on the sitcom Wings, which aired in the 90's.
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How to move a crane
I have spent a lot of time around earth moving equipment, but very little time around cranes.  It seems that technology has changed quite a bit, too, since I worked around a mechanical "monster."  I have a few photos of a crane that has disassembled itself, and is ready to go for a ride.  This was the best show in town for a few days. 
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Workshop in Tuscany & Cinque Terre, 2018
Offering you a selection of Italy’s most iconic landscapes, ranging from the rough seascapes and the charming villages of Le Cinque Terre to Tuscany’s serene rolling hills and medieval towns, this 8-day Workshop will amaze you for the variety and beauty of the locations we’ll photograph.
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Nikon Had No Choice
So Nikon has announced they will bring in the new professional mirrorless camera with a new mount and adaptability to F mount lenses. I don't think they had any choice in the matter, to be honest. 
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A fallen tree in transition trapped upon the shore of Lake Crescent to be battered by the waves and the weather of Storm King. Olympic National Park.
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Lean On Automation, Rely On Manual
Humans are always leaning on automation to make their lives easier. Car transmissions, garage doors, automatically tuned television shows, monthly bank payments. The list is endless. So it is not a surprise at all that cameras eventually also began adding automation in the electronic age. 
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A Kimmeridge Sunset, Dorset
A Kimmeridge sunset, a long exposure detail on the inspiring ledges at Kimmeridge Bay, taken during a Workshop I led in Dorset (UK) in Spring 2017. Leica SL, Voigtlander 15mm v. III and filters Formatt-Hitech Firecrest.
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Shooting Long Exposure Reflections
I'm not a massive fan of these "photography vloggers" but every now and then you do find some good information nestled in between the cinematic self-indulgencies.
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Norman Reedus & Al Wertheimer
I really enjoy this series of interviews of photographers by Mark Selinger. Norman Reedus will be known to television viewers as Daryl on The Walking Dead. Al Wertheimer I didn't know of prior to watching this interview, but apparently he was one of the guys who documented Elvis' rise to fame. Some very interesting insights from both photographers on this episode. 
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He Can't Hide
He can't hide- he always get spotted, he's got a fan
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Gear Upgrades: A Question Of Addition
Given the rising costs of new professional hardware these days, a lot of professional photographers are questioning the need to upgrade their cameras on a regular basis. I am among them. 
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Helena Christensen & Mary Ellen Mark Interview
Two very talented ladies talk about their work in photography. 
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Another of Sarah-Louise
I know the highlights are blown, but I don't necessarily look for the perfect exposure. It's the 'picture' that counts!
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Sarah-Louise at the Redoubt
Very enjoyable day spent at the Redoubt, a Napoleonic period fort in the old port of Harwich UK, with our delightful model Sarah-Louise.
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