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    According to JHU stats there have only been 22 deaths in Victoria from covid19. Does this really justify the need to lock down the entire city again, putting people out of work and potentially at more risk from depleted immune systems through lack of human contact and outdoor activity? Makes no sense to me. My stance is that if you know that you are in a high risk category then it is your own responsibility to take the appropriate measures to protect possible infection. This strong arm stuff doesn't work in countries like mine. And it sure as hell will never stop this virus from spreading. Our case / fatality ratio is currently 1.62%. Lunacy abounds and truth is apparently whatever you want it to be.
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    Hi, Last year I participated in 4 colective exhibitions at the Saphira & Ventura gallery, in New York City. Yesterday I participated in another exhibition in that gallery, but this time virtually. This pandemic is forcing people to become more and more creative. Feel free to visit it using the link below. Thank you. https://www.artsteps.com/view/5ef39a1562117c191f7f93cd?fbclid=IwAR2uFU5Pv0gSyQxHZGJeNgZOEwPHyRBWiPcmowB3dC-pZq0SrOc3mDY1wRM
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    Whilst Olympus may or may not be looking to get out of camera manufacture, they are still pushing on with their OMD lens development plans: https://shop.olympus.com.au/news/post/lens-roadmap-update?j=38877&sfmc_sub=6336217&l=321_HTML&u=576786&mid=110005977&jb=16&utm_source=Marketing%20Cloud&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=lens-update
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    I share the same sentiment, which is why I am still using 7-year old digital cameras. Lighting though, is always upgradeable or expandable.
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