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    The older I get the more apparent it becomes to me that in spite of what I think I know, I actually know very little about the world and human nature. I’m referring of course to recent feelings expressed by many members of Fotozones relating to the way things have been going here lately. There are some folks who are happy, but there are also some folks who are not happy with the way Fotozones has been moving. A lot of this is because of me. What it boils down to is that I have been perceived as being very negative towards Nikon and very dismissive towards DSLR cameras in general. This is seen as divisive and counter-productive. I guess on reflection there is truth in that, although to be very honest with you all, I had not intended for it to be the case at all. I guess in my excitement with exploring the mirrorless world I have become a bit dismissive of other things, which as a photography site owner is not a good thing to do. Everybody has a right to use whatever equipment they want to use and to talk about it to others, but on forums like the one we have here, it’s important to remember that we may not all share the same views, nor do we share the same tastes. We need to be respectful of the other person’s choices, even if we don’t agree with them. For site owners like me it’s a delicate balancing act and I have managed it for a long time, but now, because of the change in dynamic between my photographic journey and that of others who have followed Nikongear into Fotozones, it’s important that I continue to balance things out, especially in the forums where I often find myself at odds with other members. I fear I may have wobbled on the high wire recently. So, to all those members who I may have offended with my remarks in recent times about the gear you use or the way I perceive developments at Nikon, I am truly sorry. I will henceforth cease and desist with all such commentary and focus instead on doing what I intended to do with Fotozones in the first place - make it a great photography website and resource for as many people as possible. Andrea and I are working on a new forum policy and I am hoping to get that wrung out before I go away on safari in just over a week’s time. It won’t be radically different, but it will at least cover some areas of contention, specifically how we moderate and why we moderate. I am looking to make the forum more independent of my influence than has been the case in the past. I’d like it to be run on a committee basis where each gear zone is managed by a person who champions that brand in a positive way, but understands that in doing so they shouldn’t be dismissive of any other brands. If we can get this right then we will be well on the way towards regaining our mojo as the coolest photography forum to hang out on. If you’d like to have a say in what the forum policy should cover, please chime in either on this thread (or by PM to Andrea and I if you’d prefer to remain out of the limelight). Once again, to those members who have felt alienated or offended by my comments in recent times, please accept my sincerest apologies and help me to work towards a better Fotozones by participating positively on the site. Fotozones is my life and my promise to you all is that I will dedicate myself to making it the best one there is for all photographers out there. Peace, brothers and sisters.
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    Feeding titmice. D3s+300mm f/2.8 @ 1/2000, f/5 iso 2800, hand held.
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    ..and with it darker evenings. If I'm lucky at get out of work at just the right time, I can get some pictures as I walk to the station. It's an area I've taken pictures before, but with the light at this time of evening, you just want to take more! DSCF4229 DSCF4222 DSCF4218 All shots Fuji X-E3 and 27 f/2.8.
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    Nikon D850, APO El Nikkor 105, Cambo Mini Actus
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    While in Vancouver (fantastic city!) my wife and I booked a flight aboard a seaplane. This image was shot through one of the side windows of the plane. Please click up to see the full detail of the full size image.
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    February 1 Cold and grey day here a shot from a small nature reserve on the river Maas, with wild cattle
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    (Please view large) If you recall from Kinberleys II, we left our party exploring some of the many rivers along the Kimberley coast. This waterhole oasis in the middle of nowhere was one of the first stop offs as we explored overland from one of the rivers. Certain there were no crocodiles in this natural pond, we wasted no time immersing our hot and sun beaten bodies into its cool rejuvenating waters. It was surprising and yet uplifting to see one of the most delicate of living things such as this small flower, alive and thriving in one of the harshest places on earth. This really was a place of extremes. It felt wonderfully free and fortunate that we could stop and moor wherever we wanted to. This included some majestic river canyons. Some chose to climb them and look down on our floating home and refuge moored in the canyon’s river. Also, in deep water basins and canyons By the end of the first day, we had found a peaceful and relatively safe cove to over night. The morning found us tired but vibrant with enthusiasm and expectation. We set off with our 3 tenders in tow hoping to experience more of the same. Along the way we passed through some spectacular waterways. These would often lead to some semi-closed off small water systems of their own with what seemed to be their own small eco systems of lush vegetation and waterfalls. Despite the beautiful oasis appearance and feel of these places, they were rife with crocodile danger. Tragically , a person was taken a this very oasis only the year before. Enjoy the beauty but be alert. Further up the river we came upon this swimming hole. It was very elevated and crock free. Some took the opportunity for a cool swim in the sweltering heat and humidity. To their absolute delight, they were joined by the local water monitor who obviously lives in this particular water hole. A most beautiful and elegant creature a little under 3 feet long. Mrs Mongo said she was thrilled to have it swimming and sharing its home with them. These are really special moments and encounters with nature at its most raw and sincere. Some water holes and springs like this beautiful example could only be accessed from the river by climbing a series of ladders as they are located well above river level and the ties here vary from about 13 to almost 17 metres (that is about an average of 50 feet !!) between high and low tides With our swimming and cooling off done for the morning, we went of to do some serious fishing. Mrs Mongo shows how its done. About a quarter of an hour later, exhausted and with her hands still shaking from the effort, Mrs Mongo shows off her giant trevally. Despite the heat, all precautions must be taken to cover up and avoid too much exposure to a potentially hazardous sun. The waters here know virtually no limit constantly yielding their bounty The spanish mackerel in the last image above was served as sashimi within 2 hours of it being caught. Mongo can't begin to tell you how good that was ! there is also time to play with the sharks On our next and probably final Kimberley IV adventure, we will go to see the famous Bradshaw cave paintings in a very remote place, have a deserted island campfire dinner with goodies we had captured from the sea, visit a crocodile infested island were they lay their eggs, see WWII plane wrecked in the middle of nowhere, wrestle a crocodile for our dinner, show you a disappearing reef as the rising tide swallows it whole, some more beautiful river scenery and finally - some sunsets which mark the end of our Kimberley tour. Join Mongo again then.
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    We just witnessed the whole thing from the kill to the meal ... This female leopard is just about one year old and hasn't had too many kills yet. This is only a very basic edit on a crappy small screen ... expect better versions and more images when I am back but I could't resist to share this ... greetings from Sabi Sabi Chris
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    From France or UK... Thanks for watching.🙂
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    Last Sunday I shot some Motocross at Canada Heights in Kent. Here are some of the results.
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    Getting better i think they move fast Grahame
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    Here are a couple of photos from my trip to the Joint Security Area (JSA) last month. The blue building on the left is the conference room where negotiations take place. The big building in the background is the North Korean base where running NK soldiers can be seen on this video http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-asia-42075986/north-korea-defection-footage-of-moment-soldier-flees This took place around ten days after our visit. The second photo is inside the conference room. The soldier is ROK (Republic of Korea = South Korea) and is stationed against the door through which North Koreans enter the room. He is there to resist any attempt by North Koreans to snatch visitors, as they have tried to do in the past. The line across the table indicates the border between North and South Korea. We were able to step into North Korean territory in the room, so, by a couple of metres, I have added NK to my list of visited countries.
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    Taken on the farm behind my house... X-T2, 23/1.4, 1/1800s @ f9, 1600 ISO Silver Efex
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    Bavarian villages typically have a maypole somewhere. They are replaced every few years. Ours was torn down in a storm 2 years ago, and this year the maypole society that cares about such things is raising a new one. The process is lengthy, first a new tree is brought into the village and from there on a vigil is held every night, to ensure the pole is not stolen. Of course the surrounding villages might try and kidnap it for ransom (Bavarian lunch with lots of beer for a large group of perpetrators). Initially it is just a tree (34m) but in the coming weeks until it is raised (on April 30th) it will be painted white&blue and various signs from local business will be attached. Yesterday the tree was brought in, with the help of the local fire brigade (Feuerwehr) for traffic control. Approaching the village The brass band gets ready to provide the appropriate sound stage Maneuvering the tree through the village takes some effort. They even took down some signs. A tight spot in the greenery Aiming for the tent In the morning the tree was not put into the tent, first the tent was used to host a party (no pics, I was busy serving pork roast...). Then in the afternoon the benches in the tent where removed and the tree was moved in. Of course now that the vigil has started, the guardroom is manned 7x24. The funny thing is, as one needs a special permit for oversized transports, the hijacking of the maypole would have to be announced to the police in advance ;-) We'll see what happens. I must admit I did not sign up for the vigil, spending 18:00-06:00 awake is no longer that easy for me. cheers afx
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    Cold, cloudy, rainy, perfect conditions for a brisk walk over the dike. Somewhere along the Dutch coast. X-Pro2 with XF50mmF2 WR.
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    I was rather excited yesterday to find out one of my images, The Eye of A Gator, that I had submitted for the 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer Of The Year Contest, is being used to advertise the contest. It is about half way down the page, http://www.nationalgeographic.com/. Then same image got picked by the Editors as their favorite for the week. http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/nature-photographer-of-the-year-2016/gallery/week-2-all/1 Kinda cool, I thought !!!
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    Turning the lens tables on ISS as it cruised my horizons over 5 minutes and 4 seconds at that perfect time between last light and total darkness - and I was knee high in wet grass in the middle of a paddock behind my house freezing my buns off waiting for it, camera and fisheye in place and mounted on Gitzo, exposure 100% pure guesswork (1600 ISO @ f/4, which was almost dead on the mark). It went almost clean through the south celestial pole (where the stars have no trails), which is more luck than I could have hoped for - and my house even got caught totally unintentionally at bottom right. The little 8mm Samyang is wide on the X-T1, horizon appears at both lower corners and almost made it into frame at upper left, so this covers most of the night sky.
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    B&H gave a full refund today. Case closed for me. But my faith in God is stronger after this case.
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    Has been pretty stormy here today in the UK, thought I'd share this image taken nearly ten years ago at Brighton Marina wall in the UK. Was shot towards the sun, captured with Nikon D200 and 70-200f2.8 VRI please view large, thanks.
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    Caught this friendly couple while I was out playing with the new Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 PRO this morning. Is this what surfer's call "hot doggin' it"?
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    I always remember her to be very positive on the work of others.
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    The city is being intensively updated. Not everything flies at once, not everything goes smoothly. But locations with harmonious architectural solutions are already steadily appearing. And so, the renewed embankment of the Yenisei (Abakan duct) 1 2. It was very cold here. -18 degrees Celsius with a breeze and near open water. 3. 4 A swing in the form of a boat sways from the wind. So for a long shutter speed to remove it clearly was not possible. 5 Sunbeds for sunbathing! Yes, in the summer we can tan no worse than in the equatorial belt. 6 I hope these bazaars (ship's bell) are not real, otherwise local residents may not like the beaten-up “bottles” regularly and not exactly! 7. 8. 9. 10 11 12 13
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    Sometimes it is worth looking into the other direction. Busy shooting a completely different matter, I looked up, couldn't resist to take this picture. Luckily the right lens was attached.
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    not necessarily all in one scene All images taken in the hide at the Madikwe waterhole ... I really enjoyed the time in the hide since it gave sufficient time to study the behaviour of the birds and watch the scenes unfold themselves... cheers Chris #1 Those two had quite a struggle with each other ... #2 which was fun to watch but not always easy to get a decent shot. #3 It would be a nice story to tell that above fight had to do with below fish but it really hadn't ... #4 It is always surprising me how these birds manage to swallow fish that appears to be way too big for them ... quite human in this respect bon appetit!
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    Seemingly just as chilled out as Mike's friend Dave.
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    Italy, Florence, during the typical late afternoon summer thunderstorm. Fujifilm X-T1 / 56mm F/1.2
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    This is just wrong on so many levels....
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    some serious hail just came down. Garden is white with ice cubes
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    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, April, 2015 From This Batch: https://ronscubadiver.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/pedregal-beach/
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    Nikon D800E ,Zeiss S-Planar 74mm f/4 130 stack Nikon D800E ,Mitutoyo M Plan APO 2x NA 0.055 200/0 130 stack
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    I just managed to finish processing last years batch, here showing 2 more of my favourites, taken with the D3S and 200-400 VRII + TC1.4EII. GBH nesting has started a month earlier, now well under way, compared to last year. This may be an unprecedented, nesting in February, event, entirely due the mild weather on the west coast while, to the east everwhere is in deep freeze. Amazing! As soon as the light is ideal, I had better get out and shoot before it is too late!
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    Drive 9 - NIght Game Drive - The Cook and Hyenas at Night The afternoon was very much like the morning was. Cold, dull, no animals around and all in all not really exciting. But again it payed to have first class rangers. They proposed to get back to the camp, have early dinner and then leave again for a night drive as soon as there are news of something happening in the bush. Well, we happily agreed. Back at Little Bush Camp I took the chance to ask for permission to take some images of the cook. This guy was the secret hero of the Safari. Every evening he stood in front of us all sitting at the table and announced the various courses of the menue. Every evening this was an event with us loudly cheering him and he beaming with pride and joy all over his face. It was so cool and the food was so nice ... Incredible! #1 The Cook and his smile #2 The Cook and his work All of a sudden hectic broke out and the rangers urged us to hurry. The reason for this very unusual behaviour was that the rangers got the news that a bunch of Hyenas stole a kill and were starting to have a feast on the carcass. I am a bit ambivalent when it comes to Hyenas ... They are extremely important in nature's system and they are fascinating in the way they perform their task but they stink like hell and they aren't exactly pretty. #3 Well, they can actually be sort of pretty when post processed with a little creative spirit applied #4 To give you an idea of the setup during such a night drive. The two vehicles where grouped around the hyenas providing the required light in varying modes. #5 One of the best opportunities were silhouette shots with one vehicle providing wonderful backlight for the photogs in the other vehicle. This is one of my favourite shots. #6 The D4/200-400 Combo really shined ... Taken at ISO3200, 400mm, f4 and 1/60s handheld. Watch the bloodshot eye ... #7 A Hyena after the feast ... It rested on the remains of the carcass ... Did I mention that I am ambivalent when it comes to Hyenas? #7 A last glimpse towards our vehicle ... #8 sleep well ... on your carcass ... till next time ... ... to be continued ...
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    As someone who has made his living for over three decades now rescuing, preserving, restoring and even simply identifying and dating old photographs, I can assure you the loss of digital images will be little different to that which occurred before, just that simply more will be lost as so many more images are taken, both because of the ease of taking limitless numbers, and that there are now so many more people alive to do this. Fact is that only truly great photographs, or photographs that are clearly labelled and that have historical content or concern ancestors of note or interest to family descendants who are interested in family trees will survive, regardless of their form or the storage media used. For reasons already raised, most photographs have been (and will be) lost through simple disposal - people not knowing who or what is in the images in the inherited trunkload from some relative or other. At the moment I am personally dealing with exactly that sort of thing involving thousands of slides taken by my father over several decades of travels, mostly titled in writing I cannot decipher, of subject matter that I have no clue as to location or reason for the photograph being taken. Having stored these for over 30 years now since his death, there is no-one left alive who can enlighten me, so really there is nothing left for me to dispose of them. The world will not register their passing, nor miss them. Losing sleep or worrying about how long your own archive will survive is pointless - at some point you will die and all those concerns will evaporate in a puff of whoever gets custody of that archive. Of those that survive a few might fall into the hands of someone either in the family or browsing an online antique shop in the future whose curiosity is piqued by the content and will consequently seek out the future incarnation of someone like me to identify/rescue/reproduce that image for them. 70-100 years later the process will repeat, when that photo is either disposed of by a disinterested inheritor or rescued by yet another history buff. The only images that will survive in perpetuity are those that have been purchased or assumed into museum collections, properly catalogued and stored, and updated/restored as necessary into the future. The rest of our "masterpieces" will disappear into the dumpster or the ether. Simple fact.
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    Frank - I have NO idea what you are smoking - but you have to share
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    Sometimes I think that living in the insect world would be the stuff of nightmares. Fearsome, even. From a slightly different angle, still looking like death on legs, but giving the game away by trying to look like a daisy bush leaf: However, from another angle, looking almost comedic and even a bit scared while pretending to be part of a daisy bush: Sometimes I also wonder if insects are as stupid as we assume them to be. This little mantis at first seemed to study me, never taking its eyes off me, and very quickly seemed to decide that I was indeed a rather large threat to its existence, whereby it went into stationary camo mode. X-T1, Zeiss Touit 2.8/50M, 1/320-1/480 @ f/11, 1600 ISO. Hand held as wind was rather fierce and the bush was blowing around a lot.
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    T&P Bar - Fort Worth, Texas
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    Lots of nice photos in this thread. My favorite of 2014 is one of my first pictures with the new AF-S 20mm which surprised me with minimal linear distortions and nice starbursts:
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    The D810 files are amazing. And I have no idea how to edit them. With 36MP none of my usual sharpening or local contrast enhancements works as expected. And the colour seems different with the D810. I'm not getting white balance quite right somehow. Or the saturation. And there is so much detail that everything looks almost strange. Go figure -- after all these years working with Nikon DSLRs, I'm somewhat flustered !! Anyway, I will probably rework this example a few times and try different converter/editors until I get the D810 files sorted out. This rendition has a bit too much grain in the darker areas due to the Photo Ninja Detail slider which cannot yet be applied locally, only globally. Yes, I could have made two copies - one with and one without the Detail slider and blended them, but I'll try that some other time after I get a better grip on the basics of conversion for the D810. Suggestions and comments welcomed, as always. D810 + 60/2.8 AFS Micro-Nikkor f/6.3 for 1/400" @ ISO-800 And those settings make no sense at all for the Koi shot. This scene needed f/11 at least and ISO-100 maybe? I had gone to the park to shoot some asters in the shade and wandered by the Koi Pond on my way back to the car. This photo looks real-er than the real scene. Can be clicked up to 1200 pixels wide.
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    At dawn in Tokyo. Ai Nikkor 400/5.6 ED IF, Panasonic GF5 via adapter. Handheld. The black spots on the sun are the sunspots (sorry for the tautology!).
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    Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier in continental Europe.
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