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    She would get better photos if she removed the lens cap.
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    Z6 & 14-30mm f/4 S. Thank you for looking.
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    it was brushed with flash 1/128 Grahame
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    Bit of a crop but hey, its a Crested Barbet ! Never seen one before .. .. wait fot it .. Trachyphonus Vaillantii !
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    Perhaps I would be better describing it as 50fps burst mode.😉
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    Lilys photographed in studio
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    shot Indoors in studio;)
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    Here are a few more ...
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    It varies, depending on camera, whether or not I'm crouching etc. etc. How can you be 'wrong' if you are comfortable and get the shot? Some people need to get a life!
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    No Hummingbirds down here so a bit of Bird training necessary Grahame.
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    Bringing home the bread for breakfast?
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    This lens along with the Z6 is a dream come true. Thank you for looking. 1 2 3 4 5
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    I'd like to invite you all.
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    Ok, one of about five bird photos I took. Yes, it's a hornbill (Just for Bob!!) but at least it's a red beaked one 👌 BIF - ok, yes, that's where MF digital sucks.
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    North of Brazil. Awesome landscape, and food. Z6 & 14-30mm. Thank you for looking.
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    Plying with this heavy glass today in the woods. Thank you for looking. 1 2 3 4 5 6
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    None of the teenagers is holding a phone and one is actually reading. Perhaps there is hope for civilisation after all ...
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    Just a few from previous Clacton Air Shows for those that might be interested ...
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    Thanks all for watching, and commenting. Rotterdam is by far the city with the most and best modern architecture in Holland, in second place Amsterdam. Rotterdam
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    I agree that Scotch Whiskey shouldn't be diluted with anything, as that tends to lower the total alcohol concentration which makes the cleaning of my paint brushes less effective. Robert
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    The Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) is a 15th century church located on Dam Square, next to the Royal Palace. The Nieuwe Kerk is no longer used for church services but is used as an exhibition space. It is also used for organ recitals. The main organ in these images was completed in 1655 and consists of 5.005 pipes. 1. 2.
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    Unfortunate catch of Stefano Brecciaroli of Italy saluting the judges .. 😉.. don't mention the war !
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    Ollie sleeping off his breakfast, he is part Maine Coon and very friendly also has a sweet nature. Lumix GX8 + Panasonic 20mm @ 1/60 f6.3 ISO2500
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    Three sections of the old Berlin Wall set up as a monument in Koblenz. G9 + PLeica 12-60mm @ 1/800 f4 ISO200
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    The salad looks tasty and healthy to me, just add a little dressing and some nuts. I'm trying to reduce my meat consumption (better for the world and me), so at work I eat vegetarian. At home mostly bio-friendly chicken or meat, expensive but more tasty. Lawrence of Arabia, great movie by director David Lean. I especially remember a minutes long shot of Omar Shariff on horseback riding to a well in the desert. I've got that movie somewhere on dvd ...
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    This is true. I see the A7ii is still available new here and it costs about the same as an Olympus E-M1 Mkii body. I have been tempted because the in camera HDR of the Sony is perfect for RE photography and that will simplify my work tremendously if I got a couple of Canon tilt shift lenses to go with it. But... I just don’t trust the people at Sony to continue to support their products over long periods. Here in South Africa they just pulled out their TV division completely a few years ago. One day they were here, the next they were gone. I have a 40” Sony Bravia LCD set and even at around 9 years old it still makes the LG 4K LED set I bought a couple of years ago look stupid colour and contrast wise. They never said why they were pulling out, they just left. Great products, terrible company.
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    While this is true it also offers good opportunities for whomever is OK with the "dated" last years model. I am thinking adding one of these for when I want to travel light and it won't be the latest release in order to not "invest" a lot of money in it. A positive thing is that the previous generation models are still being sold brand new if one chooses not to buy used .
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    Dallas & Mike, the two ladies I was staying with over fed me, so being not a big eater, I needed a light lunch and I did have a beer! We were out in the pub garden, and the next pub lunch was haddock, chips and peas! Quite a bit more substantial! The salad was tasty! And I am a type 2 diabetic! So lots of burgers and chips was part of my downfall! So that’s my first excuse. 😉
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    This is the precise reason why I won't buy Sony cameras. As good as they are, their track record speaks volumes for their fickleness when it comes to going the distance.
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    Nikon's primary issue is that they have lost the biggest part of their business, which was consumer cameras. Very few people are prepared to invest a "not insignificant" sum of money for a camera that doesn't offer a whole lot more than they are getting from a smart phone.They also see the old school cameras (we can call them that now) as clunky, too hard to master and more inconvenient than anything. Computational photography that is consumed on small mobile screens and can be shared to them in a couple of taps is much more preferable than having to carry around a dedicated camera and then also have the hassle of getting the images off the machine (even with wifi and BT) before they can share them. It's just not what the kids of today want. Our world has quite literally changed under our noses in just a few short years and many companies have been too slow to adapt to this rather seismic shift in the way things are done. I said a few years ago that if Nikon wanted to remain relevant they needed to diversify and look at perhaps developing their own smart phone. I got torn a new one by the community here for suggesting that, but it seems that what I said may have been prophetic after all.
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    This is Buzz Ollie’s friend, formerly known as BBC (Bloody Black Cat) as he used to sneak in and steal Ollie’s & Rory’s food! GX8 + Panasonic 20mm @ 1/60 f6.3 ISO2000
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    A stone mason demonstrating his art at a local fete. Lumix GX8 + lumix 20mm @ 1/60 f4 ISO200
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    Trust you slim Jims to show off!!!
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    The rain has decimated my flowers. Flat light I know but it could do with a little more oomph Mike. Try using one of the primary colour Calibration sliders in Lightroom, they are great for lifting an image a touch. Each colour slider brings out a slightly different range of colours, so it is worth experimenting. I always wind it right up and then pull back for a balanced look.
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    And of course there is the Guggenheim .. With Louise Bougeois' Spider .. Great place to visit, people very friendly and obviously enjoy life a lot ! Restaurants excellent without venturing into the many Michelin starred places. Hotel Miro is 100 yards from the Guggenheim, very good. Cheers, Maurice
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    And as a finale .. the twin male lions of the Southern Pride ! Cheers, Maurice
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    Und now, a little gallery of the White Dam male .. Study in concentration .. Look how I can curl my lip .. .. A little toilette is sometimes pleasant .. Followed by a big yawn !
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    There's nothing wrong with liking wine. I just don't like all the sophisticated blah-blah that seems to accompany it most of the time.
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