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    I love this lens. I think this lens is a NECESSARY lens for any trip from my house. I use it for landscapes, "macro" (sort of,) and everything in between. I am going to post some links to flickr images in a bit. I think this is really a remarkable lens. Or perhaps I just got a very good copy? Using the 40-150 as something of a closeup lens. These are mountain harebells, about 1.5" long, and maybe 1/2" to 3/4" opening. They have managed to grow through a "thicket" of caribou lichen These are black crowberries. They are smaller than blueberries. And a "landscape lens." If I display the largest version of this image, it still has decent resolution. And this photo of the Yukon River is also fairly sharp... but not quite as good as most of these images. That is an open personal boat in the river. This is a bearberry plant, nestled within a forest of birch trees.... albeit dwarf birch. I have some other images of a village 12 miles distant, and you can see the buildings when you enlarge the image. I will locate them tomorrow
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