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    Melbourne Docklands is always pretty quiet after dark. Docklands by Night #1 And looking in the opposite direction - Bolte Bridge Docklands by Night #2 An alternative view of Bolte Bridge Docklands by Night #3 I tried playing with the colour to bring some warmth to the white lights and add a bit of contrast to the blue lighting. Also amazed by the IS capabilities from the Fuji lenses - this was hand held at 1/5 sec. (the previous two had some barriers to lean on). And finally, the Docklands Wheel. Docklands by Night #4 This time managed handheld 1/2 sec. This sort of night time shooting is something that has always interested me but I've never wanted to be weighed down by a tripod. Finally I've got a set up that can deliver the sort of results I want with the freedom to wander unencumbered.
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    It's funny how we can take photos and not even process them for 7 years. Joshua Tree California, 2013. It was a bit overcast but I was able to get something out of it via use of HDR. A nice side story is here is put down my camera bag while hiking and paced a bit to get some shots, then couldn't find the bag. I eventually found it, but not until I spend about 20-30 min walking in circles and calling myself an idiot. A few years later I did the same in AZ, only much worse! I will write on that one some other time.
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    Thank you for looking. a1D4S_3659 by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr
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    Today's quarentine pp. Thank you for looking. aDFC_9480 by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr
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    A random series of images shot today in my hometown Amersfoort in The Netherlands. All images Fujifilm X100 (first version), all but #4 plus WCL-X100 28mm converter. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    Another one. aaiphone11 Copa 3 by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr
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    Here are a few tundra flowers. Lately I have spent time taking photos, but have not had much time for editing. So tonight I spent a bit of time editing a few images. I used the Olympus 60mm f2.8 macro lens. A Single-flowered Cinquefoil: A tall Jaob's ladder Flowering Labrador tea.
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    I finally found an inexpensive bug zapper that works. Only $29 (USD) and it zaps them with a big spark. I do not know how it works, but it even zaps the little "noseeums." And for those that are buzzing around my ear at 2 AM, I have some portable zappers shaped like small tennis rackets. They also serve me well. I never have thought that I am a sadist, but I admit to great satisfaction when I hear a good spark, accompanied by a loud "zap."
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    Processing leftovers. Thank you for looking. Palazzo Pitti aD4S_3824 by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr Cathedral (Duomo) aaaaaDFC_9538 by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr
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    Some photos from my first real outings (although they are now a couple of weeks old). escape 1 escape 2 These first two were a local walk not far from home. escape 3 This third was a work outing. Fortunately picked good weather. Also found something good from this current crisis - running late from this outing for a subsequent meeting, so simply found a suitable parking place and logged into the meeting from the car.
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    I saw this lone orange sassafras leaf among its summery green peers and felt compelled to take the picture. Just hours later the leaf had fallen. Nikon Z 7 + FTZ + Nikkor 70-200/2.8E
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    I love your on-going shots of this bobcat family.
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    Amazing shots, and so lucky they come up to your porch - you could almost mistake them for domestic cats playing on the steps.
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    Wow, what a treat, Merlin! Great shots and an awesome experience.
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    I for one would be sorry to see Olympus go, but there is still Panasonic.
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    Whilst Olympus may or may not be looking to get out of camera manufacture, they are still pushing on with their OMD lens development plans: https://shop.olympus.com.au/news/post/lens-roadmap-update?j=38877&sfmc_sub=6336217&l=321_HTML&u=576786&mid=110005977&jb=16&utm_source=Marketing%20Cloud&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=lens-update
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    Copacabana. Thank you for looking. aiphone11 Copa 2 by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr aiphone11 Copa 1 by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr aIphone11 Copa by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr
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    Also on my trip to the supermarket, I took a detour to the rooftop car park and tried grabbing a few shots of the light trails from the passing traffic. night 3 I think the location may be a bit too brightly lit and I was probably a bit late in the evening, as the traffic wasn't too heavy. Another variation got some nicer light stars from the street lights. night 4 I had tried this once before, when I lived in Hong Kong. Light Trails That was shot on film and was the view from my apartment's kitchen window, so I remember sitting there for some time counting the traffic light sequence to work out when I would get the most cars, for a single attempt. The more recent ones on digital from a damp car park were more of a shoot and pray. There are another couple of locations that I am thinking of trying for this sort of shot, so if the weather and time permit, I will get out to try them.
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    And airport car parks! 😀 There was a spell a few years ago when I was flying down to Hobart for day or two every week. There was one day I got back into Melbourne, took the bus to the long term car park and then just couldn’t remember where I had parked. What made it worse was I could find the spot I had parked in the week before and the week before that. After that I started writing the location on my car park ticket.
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    I’ve done the same, stashing my backpack behind a rock for safety and then struggled to find that safe rock.
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    It is a cirrus formation. Available worldwide. Lol
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    As mentioned in Greg's Joshua Tree post, I was scanning through some of my images from the 2013 safari to Namibia and came across this shot of the Deadvlei that I hadn't processed. Shot with Olympus E-M5 and Panasonic 14-45mm.
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    Thank you for looking. 1 a1D4S_3500 by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr 2 a1D4S_3358 by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr 3 a1D4S_3636 by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr 4 a1D4S_3594 by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr 5 a1D4S_3580 by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr 6 a1D4S_3523 by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr
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    That looks like a slick solution--for handling lighting, if nothing else. No, it would take two more people to hold it in place. It would need to be staked down. I think a smaller "shield" or some such thing might work to block the winds from one direction, only. On a positive note, the winds do keep the mosquitoes away. The past three years I have not even used mosquito spray. This year it is sold out. They are making up for the past three years.
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    Not sure if this contraption would be any use in such strong winds as it would probably blow away itself, but I suppose if you modified it with spikes or used rocks you could weight it down and get less wind on the flowers. I have no idea what they are called, but we had a couple of them on our 2013 safari for the wildflowers.
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    I was thinking about your recommendation as I took these shots. I had been using the 60mm macro exclusively, but thought I would try my 12-50mm macro again; I had to search for it, as it has not had much use this past year. After five minutes with the 12-50mm I was back to the 60mm macro. I got rid of the 30mm macro lens last year (I gave it to my brother in law, who is now leaving his Nikon gear at home and only taking MFT equipment with him on his trips.) Yes, this is the macro lens I am keeping in my bag. I have a sense that I can get greater depth of field with the 60mm macro. I cannot give you a better explanation, but it just "works better" than my other macro capable lenses. Another problem I have with these photos is the wind. The location for many of these flowers is a rocky overlook above the confluence of the Andreafsky with the Yukon River. This spot was chosen for the location of a 900 MW wind turbine. It is really tough to get macro shots without bumping up the ISO and going to very fast shutter speeds. I am often shooting in 20 MPH winds and more at this spot. It is difficult to eliminate all of the "shake" when shooting with these winds. As I indicated in several posts, there are plants growing here that I have not seen anywhere else in our region. The soil is not very deep, and much of the ground is very rocky, so I have a very different set of plants here. So YES, the 60mm macro is my preferred macro lens these days. The alpine azaleas, below, are about the size of a pencil eraser. And they were moving a lot when I snapped these mages (which are still not as sharp as I would like.)
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    In portuguese we have just one verb for these actions. Thanks for clarifying.
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    Lovely colour in the water.
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    This is a shot from around about the time I started Nikongear in 2005. I had just switched back from shooting Canon digital for about 4 years and after trading in all that gear I got myself the Nikon D70 and 70-200/2.8 VR. At the time I was still accredited as a photographer for the Sharks rugby team and this shot was from my first outing with the D70 at the stadium. Unfortunately I don't have the original digital files from anything I shot before 2009, but I did find an A4 print I had made of this shot of Sharks player Brent Russell, just before he scored a try. I recall that I had cropped the image quite significantly before printing it, so even from a lowly 6MP sensor we could get decent prints after cropping. I "scanned" the print with an iPhone. A few months after this switch back to Nikon I started the website that has shaped the direction of my life ever since.
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    We have a product here called Kleen Green which removes sticky stuff quite nicely. The coating on my a/c studio strobes also became very sticky for some strange reason, so I sprayed some of this stuff on a rag and while it was a bit of a chore to wipe the strobe down completely, it definitely did the job and the strobe is no longer sticky to the touch. I haven't done the other two yet...
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    What is wrong with you? Seriously. Just grow up. There are things in the world that your pre-programmed mind will never be able to understand. One of these is that in order for businesses like mine to survive this pandemic we have to operate in areas that are constantly accessible, including social media - which is where I have earned every cent I have made since March 27. I truly regret the day I ever agreed to allow you back onto this platform. You are nothing more than a constant source of irritation. I think you need to see somebody, I really do.
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    My apartment. Thank ye kindly for looking.
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    I believe I keep intending to post, then fail to do so. I am still overwhelmed by these images. I keep thinking, if these are what you get when you are "killing time," then your remaining work has to be really spectacular. I know it helps to have a good subject, but I do not have any idea how you make these come across to the viewer with such "strength." I really like them. Walton
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    Atpaula, these are spectacular. I think the black and white works. You can see where the ones with some clouds in the sky are superior to the ones with the plain sky. I get that here in S. Cali in the summer, no clouds and very plain. My only suggestions are perhaps not posting a large number like this, because it takes away from the critique if you can't really concentrate on a single (or maybe 2 or 3) images, and, some of the images have humans or man-made objects in them. Rather than this being bad, I welcome it. It provides scale and shows how the mountains are so dominating compared to them. But my favorite of them, 2nd from the top, feels less than perfect with their backs to the camera. It doesn't provide any connection to the viewer in that regard. Still good, just not a 10/10. GB
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    Fantastic!! First thru last
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    I share the same sentiment, which is why I am still using 7-year old digital cameras. Lighting though, is always upgradeable or expandable.
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