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    Editor's note: picked from a great series, this shot really speaks to me because the lighting is wonderful, as is the joy captured on the dancer's face. Great shot!

    © Anthony Macaulay

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    Original Thread Here Love the creativity and movement shown here. Inspired by Armando Morales.

    © Armando Morales

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    From the album: Samuel Pellicori

    © Samuel Pellicori

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    © iain clyne

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    Editor's note: very sharp and detailed image from Anthony. I like the green and brown combination. Seen here.

    © Anthony Macaulay

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    © Luis Miguel Torres Manchola

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    Editor's note: what an outstanding moment photographic serendipity expertly captured by Eddie here.

    © Eddie Draaisma

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    Editor's note: Fantastic colour and an overall super shot from Fons (as part of his CEDI2017 challenge seen here).

    © Fons Baerken

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    Editor's note: I like the clean lines and intriguing foreground shown in this shot (seen here).

    © Eddie Draaisma

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    From the album: CEDI 2017 Challenge

    It's a few hours late but here it is, the 14th image of my 365 project. We got in from the show after 11pm last night and I wasn't about to start editing, so apologies for the delay. This is Rob Warren, of the band The Black Lapels. They put on shows at the sole surviving independent theatre in our entire province, the Rhumbelow. It's quite sad that most of the indies have closed down over the past few years. I guess in a way it's indicative of a change in the way people view entertainment. Anyway, this show was a tribute to the music of Creedence Clearwater Revival and it was great. We had seats right in the front which caused a small problem for me and my fastest lens (the Olympus 75mm f/1.8) in that I was too close. So I switched to the 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO and managed to get some decent exposures. This was one of them. I haven't had a proper look through all the shots yet, but what I like about this one is the intensity - you can see that Rob is sweating under the lights. He gives it plenty on stage which is always a joy to photograph.

    © Dallas Dahms

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    From the album: CEDI 2017 Challenge

    © Dallas Dahms

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    From the album: CEDI 2017 Challenge

    © Dallas Dahms

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    From the album: CEDI 2017 Challenge

    © Dallas Dahms

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    From the album: CEDI 2017 Challenge

    Day 2 of the CEDI2017 365 Challenge

    © Dallas Dahms

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    Editor's note: this image has two great elements; the first is the composition with the leading line of the path and the second is the B&W conversion. Great work, Andrew! Seen here.

    © Andrew Livelsberger

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    Editor's note: Very striking image from Armando, seen here.

    © Armando Morales

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    Editor's note: simplicity, subtlety & sensuality combine in this image from Aguinaldo. Seen here.

    © Aguinaldo de Paula

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    Editor's note: exceptional sharpness and rendering of a male cheetah with signs of a recent kill evident on his coat. Seen here.

    © Chris Wahl

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    This an inspiring image from Noct, seen here. It is well seen, excecuted and processed. Very good work!

    © Eddie Draaisma

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    From the album: 2016 Sabi Sabi

    © Dallas Dahms

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    Katelyn from JHB shot with me in Durban. Went with a sexy portrait shoot for her portfolio.
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    A very pleasing image with great compositional elements, as well as good colour and sharpness of subject. Found here.

    © Alex Duskman

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    Editor's comments: The second, reworked image is a lot improved on the first one posted here. Compositionally it is now very pleasing, especially with the burst of light reflected in the water around the boat.

    © Aguinaldo de Paula

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    Very dramatic landscape from Faris here. What makes it better are the human silhouettes.

    © Faris

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    Wonderful light, colors and composition in this image by Ron Scubadiver Can be seen here : http://www.fotozones.com/live/index.php/topic/60433-path-to-the-beach/

    © Ron Scubadiver

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    Love the lighting and detail here.

    © Armando Morales

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    I really like this shot by Mike seen here. Gesture is everything in a photographic subject and this frame captures a gesture perfecty!

    © Mike Gorman

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    "Carving Water" Nominated by Ron Scubadiver Selected by Armando_M Original thread | All nominations

    © Dallas Dahms

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    Nominated by: Elsa Hoffmann Chosen by: Mexecutioner I chose this image by Ron because of the harmony between the simple lines and the composition. It conveys the lifestyle and relaxed atmosphere of the place. Reminds me of me of the little towns where shops close from 2PM to 4PM for a siesta.

    © Ron Scubadiver

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    Winner of the LEADING LINES Challenge Bilbo New Challenge BUGS running now till 12/7 Enter your favorite BUG Imsge

    © Bilbo

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    Nominated by Ann Chosen by esym

    © Randy Stout

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    Went down to the beach on yet another typically sunny, Durban winter's day. I was walking South along the promenade with my Lumix GF-1 hanging loosely by my side. These two homeless women (obviously lesbians) were sitting next to the lifeguard tower, looking very forlorn. I didn't want to make a spectacle of taking their photograph, so as I was walking by I set the zoom as wide as it would go and clicked a shot literally from my hip. Back in Lightroom I cropped it and then applied some B&W conversions and a vignette.

    © Dallas Dahms

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    Taken at Skansen in Stockholm.

    © Petter Amundsen

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    Mamiya 645 55mm 2.8 medium format lens + Nikon D40x 720nm
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    Kristy Nilsson in renversé at a lagoon near the edge of Frip Island, South Carolina. Nikon D200-IR-590nm, Nikkor 18-55mm @ 24mm, f/8, 1/200 sec; ISO 100 © Scott Nilsson, Photographer - https://www.facebook.com/ScottNilssonPhotographer

    © © Scott Nilsson

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    Nominated by Chosen by DougB

    © Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula

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    From the album: Atpaula

    Portillo, Chile

    © &copy atpaula

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