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    Photographed an amazing house just north of Durban on Wednesday. Nice place!
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    Taken today at Barra Velha Beach, Marajó Island. Z6 & 14-30mm f/4S Thank you for looking.
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    Echternach Lake, Luxembourg
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    The vertical images are about 1/3 of the original horizontal frame.
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    What can I add to all those various camera Fotozone members remembers (and have bought) only that I have spent over the years too much time, money or expectation for so many different or fine photo equipment. I had hoped that reason will eventually prevail with age but I am still awaiting that will happen!
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    Finally spring is close and I've found some time to get out with a camera. Rainbow Lorikeet Long-billed Corella This probably should be here in the bird forum, but it was flying! Bee Off All taken with Fuji X-E3 and 55-200 lens.
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    From a recent trip to this surprising city of northern Brazil. Z6 & 14-30mm f/4S. Thank you for looking.
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    Thank you for looking. D5 w/ 70-200mm f/4 and Z6 w/ 14-30mm f/4S
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    Persuaded the “trouble & strife” to pose for me this afternoon! Lumix G9 + PLeica 12-60mm @ 1/15 f4 ISO800 The black eye is healing nicely now! Joking aside not bad for handheld at 1/15 of a second methinks.
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    Fourth visit for food and treats today from my friend Dave! G9 +Panasonic 12-35mm 2.8 @ 1/60 f4 ISO1600 or as he would put it “why don’t you bog off and leave me alone”
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    The Centrale Montemartini was the first public power plant to produce electricity for Rome. Eventually the building was turned into a museum and now the old machinery of electricity production works as a backdrop for masterpieces of ancient sculptures. NIKON D7000 + SAMYANG 10mm DxO PHOTO LAB2 (2.3.1) 1 2 3 4
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    Berries were a bit sparse on this hillside. This is a rocky outcrop with rocks only a few inches down, so not very good for berry picking. The Yukon River is in the background. The photographer likes taking photos as much as she likes berry picking. She frequently does both on her trips across the tundra.
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    North of Brazil. Awesome landscape, and food. Z6 & 14-30mm. Thank you for looking.
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    Given the recent air show photos, here is something from the other point of view. not only that but taking advantage of the inflight wifi to post whilst still up in the air!
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    That living room is far too big to be cosy. I'll pass.
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    Mine is nearly 9 years old now, and unfortunately I can tell you how much a key costs - AU$480. Luckily I wasn't grounded as the second key they supplied with the vehicle is still OK, but I couldn't risk getting stuck should that have failed. That's just for the key and a straightforward (5 minute) programming job, but the replacement fob took nearly four weeks to be supplied. The battery is a soldered-in unit as well, so user-changing of the battery is not easily facilitated as well the fob is glued shut and so has to be cut open to get to the battery anyway. The interior of the key fob has a simple little circuit board with just five micro-switches and the transponder chip, which would probably be worth two or three bucks at best. Initially I had bought an equivalent battery online for $4, but unfortunately even after forcing open the fob and soldering in the new battery, that wasn't the problem - the unit still failed to unlock the car, although it did operate the ignition and run the car - the problem of course being that getting into the car in the first place (even when using the passenger-door emergency 'conventional' key) sets off the alarm. My take on Land Rover's key setup is "extortion". The car can't be driven without one, yet if the cheap electronics in the fob fail, you ultimately have no choice but to buy a new key fob from LR. You can get cheaper after-market fobs, but the LR service agents won't program the non-OEM units. However I eventually bought a new fob from an independent locksmith, which didn't save any money for me but at least I deprived LR of my money for the retail programming and supply of the replacement unit.
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    By crikey, I would NOT mind living there ! How many squillion rand is that one, Dallas ?
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    After my Z7 arrived I first updated it from 1.2 to 2.1 Firmware, then tested it with a lot of my lenses, including 1.4 G primes and of course the 24-70 2.8 S native lens. Everything tested really well, the 1.4s typically requiring a small fine tune whereas on a DSLR you're better off not looking ! After the initial very positive impression, I tried things out on the garden, which has always been something of a love / hate thing, as I'm never happy with the result. This still held true, or more so, and I had to look at technique / settings. Things looked great in the viewfinder but nowhere near the equivalent D850 result in the image. Running the 85 PCE was a deliight with the focus indications enabling quick & accurate tilt operation, but WYSIWYG did not apply there either. Two lessons here - IBIS doesn't like tripods, and the shutter is best left to decide for itself to choose electronic or mechanical operation. I need to revisit tripod operation, but I hit an obstacle in the shape of my Sigma 180 2.8 Macro .. when mounted on the FTZ it was inoperable. My other TPL (3rd party lens), the Sig 120-300 2.8 Sport was terrific on the Z7, focussing accurately at all focal lengths & focus distances, something I had never achieved using AF Fine Tune / Dock etc on DSLRs. A quick google showed my Macro would need a firmware update requiring return. This turned out to be dead easy, Sigma UK responsive, helpful, turning my lens around in a couple of days, charging only for the return shipping. I had previously been quite impressed with this lens, but on the Z7 it becomes a Beast ! Here's a 'test' .. handheld, in poor light (mixed tugsten & indirect natural) 10ft to a Lenscal. IBIS switched on but showing unlit dependant on VR setting on the lens (mode 1). 1/250th f2.8 ISO 1400, Dynamic AFC, cropped to 46% for clarity :
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    The view is quite spectacular, but I wouldn’t like to live there! Brilliant RE images as usual D.
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    Sadly I acted too quickly and I cancelled my previous subscription and signed up to a new subscription. Again sadly there was no $5 rate offered or I would have opted to pay that rate OOPS. When a $5 sub comes back, or can I take out two subscriptions as a way of making up the difference?
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    I agree there will be some of the original Defenders markets that they’ll struggle to get back into. However I think they will sell them as fast as they can make them. I do wonder if they will cannibalise the Discovery market. in some ways I see parallels to Apple (who also had a product launch on the same day), with both not wanting to appear too cheap and dilute their brands. I think there is a large market for both a cheaper iPhone and a more basic Defender. I don’t see how a cheaper Defender would weaken the brand as there is Discovery and Range Rover above them and to be honest, is there much capability in the new Defender that isn’t already available in Discovery and Range Rover.
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    And the day is hot and humid...
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    Indeed, Mike, but this was my full-time profession for nearly half a Century. When it comes to being a gear-head, cameras aren't my thing, they're just work tools to me (although I admit that with some I do actually enjoy using some of the better designed and/or made equipment). I am definitely not a camera or lens collector, though. If I buy 'em, I use 'em. My expenditure on guitars and guitar-related stuff are the things of epic-hobby type proportions that bedevil me as I have never earned a cent from either playing them or selling them, and I always seem to make a substantial loss on selling them as well.
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    I understand what you are saying, that said I prefer the lightened version
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    It's one of those slow-release photos.
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    Hi Dallas, I don't like the Adobe subscription model and my old version of Lightroom 5 didn't support my Olympus E-M10II and Nikon Z6 RAW's. So I had to use cumbersome bypasses (modifying Exif data and using DNG converter) to process these RAW's with Lightroom. I want a RAW-converter which provides optimum RAW results for the three brands I shoot with (Nikon, Olympus and Fuji). Capture One is that software, it really outclasses Adobe. Next step is a new Mac Mini i7/32gb to replace my 2010 MacBook. But I understand your reason for staying with Adobe, your processing especially the HDR part needs are more complex than mine I guess. All the best with the forthcoming reshoot!
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    I don't know why, but for me, somewhere warm and tropical is always a colour vision. Black and white makes me think cold and windswept. If that tree was battling raging storm under a heavy clouded sky, I'd accept the black and white, but a sunny beach......😕. I guess it must be something about the places I experienced as I grew up. Do others see things the same way? appart from that, I do like the composition.
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    Given that i bought Jennifer a Vaio laptop, we have a Bravia TV and HDD/DVD recorder from 2010, I'm never ever buying Sony .. did I say no way, never again ! What struck me especially today was that I expected things to be difficult in the light conditions prevailing, and it absolutely was not ! More to come ..
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    Well, it was a lot of careful hard work, sometimes very frustrating ! Yes I do have the dock, and it theoretically allows you to set AF corrections at 4 focal lengths and several focus distances each, so the possible combinations to test becomes a bit mindblowing, and there is no correlation of inputting an offset number to how much correction that applies. And there is the conundrum of testing distance for infinity focus .. 🤔 .. even after spending several hours on set up, i didn't get it to approach the tune achievable on the 300/400 2.8 prime Nikkors, which did not present issues with different focus distances. Just fired up the Z7 .. easy setup but supplied with 1.2 FW, swapped to 2.1. Date year begins 2018 : bit worrying in terms of sale in August 2019, but there was a fast 64 GB Sony XQD in the box I wasn't expecting .. added the 24-70 2.8 S and pointed it at my lensalign across the room on a middle shelf, venetians nearly closed and not much lighting up that end, snapped into focus (quietly) and bang on at 24 & 70 f2.8. Likewise with 70-200 2.8G on FTZ at both ends, then same with Sig Sport !! Not quite in the dark, but definitely well sub-optimal !! Extremely impressed, will do separate post at some stage .. and test the 1.4s ! cheers, Maurice
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    Ah ha Jeremy - your explanation seems likely - known as "hens parties" here in Australia and NZ. The equivalent male party for the groom/victim is known as a "stag party". Sometimes the groom's "friends" play all sorts of wicked tricks on the hapless groom at such parties.....
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    Catch me if you can.
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    Power shot.
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    Thank you for the critique guys. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by color and forget about shape. In fact heavy distortion is always present in my photography because it does not bother me very much. Here's a (almost) corrected version.
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    Old snap M Cars .. 1988 High-Line M635CSI & 1998 Z3M Roadster .. enamoured of the M6 I thought the Z3M must be good ! Turns out BMW can only do the 328 & the 507 besides the M3 & M6, although the Z8 came close !
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    At a village fete this elderly gentleman in amongst three teenagers doing a spot of chimping.Not me and definitely not my knees! Lumix GX8 + Panasonic 20mm @ 1/20 5.6 ISO3200 I’m liking this little pancake lens and I don’t think it deserves its reputation that I read of!
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    Thanks Dallas, this image was processed from a Z6 Jpeg. These kind of images (interior with high dynamic range) are one of the reasons I wanted a full frame camera to supplement my other gear. Nikon has perfected the Active D-lighting option, as I use Z6 Jpegs with minimal post processing the effect of the Active D-lighting (I use Low of Normal) is very welcome. This is the sooc Jpeg And here the before/after, you'll notice the minimal post processing
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    The rain has decimated my flowers. Flat light I know but it could do with a little more oomph Mike. Try using one of the primary colour Calibration sliders in Lightroom, they are great for lifting an image a touch. Each colour slider brings out a slightly different range of colours, so it is worth experimenting. I always wind it right up and then pull back for a balanced look.
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