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    I've been looking for an all-round standard lens for my X-E3. Fuji's genuine XF 35/1.4 was too noisy for me, and I don't like the inner barrel moving back and forth when focusing along with the attached hood. XF 35/2.0 suffered from sample vatiation, and my third sample, although its optics was very well centered, didn't yield acceptable sharpness at the far corners even stopped down to f8.0. I was hesitating to go for the Touit, because both Optical Limits (formerly called Fotozone) and LensTip reported their test samples was not properly assembled. Nevertheless, I decided to try one for myself, being a bit disappointed by the genuine lenses. Quite fortunately, my first sample appears to be just fine. The sharpness of the central area is fine even wide open, except when the lens is focused at the closest distant ranges. And, even focused to the closest limit, the subject is finely rendered. The sharpness of the entire frame is very good already at f4.0. What I really like is the rounded rendition of the focused area and the smooth bokeh of the area immediately in front of and behind the focused area. Apparently, the longitudinal chromatic aberration is not really apparent. The overall color-related aberration seems to be kept at bay. The focusing speed is not very fast according to today's standard for the prime lenses of this class for the mirrorless system in general. But it is on par with Nikon D750 and AF-S 50/1.8G combo that I fondly used previously and the focus accuracy is noticeably superior to that of Nikon combo. Unfortunately, the profile of Touit lenses are not yet implemented in Capture One. But the chromatic aberration can be acceptably corrected by the "analyze" function of the software, and the distortion is not very obvious in general and can be pretty well corrected by the "distortion" slider offered by the software. I also like the slightly wider angle of view of 48 degree. I've always felt that the angle of view of a 35mm lens on an APS-C sensor was a bit narrow.
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    The Fujinon XF 27mm F2.8: The Predictable Lens The Fujinon XF 27mm F2.8 is one of the two official so-call "Pancake" lenses available from the Fujifilm X-Mount line-up (The other one is the Fujinon XF 18mm F2 R lens). Designed firstly to be paired with smaller APS-C ILC bodies of the X-Series such as X-M1 or X-A1/2 it never prevent many X-enthusiasms to match the model with larger camera bodies. One of the biggest advantage of the XF 27mm is its angle of view equivalent to a 40mm in 24X36mm film or digital format. Although its maximum aperture of F2.8 remains modest it can be assimilated as an everyday lens. Foggy morning On assignation The Fujinon XF 27mm F2.8 lens is a very small and you may be felt a bit uncomfortable at your first sight and touch with the model. It add almost no weight to the body of the camera in fact less than 80g (less than 3 ounces). It is also a very contracted design for people who are used to hold the bottom of the taking lens with the palm of their left hand to get more stability. Using a generic lens hood (sorry no official lens hood available from Fujifilm) can help a bit for the handling. A little winter fresh air with coffee and some literature! Autofocus is quick (but not fully silent on my unit). Manual focusing is accurate with good simulated travel of the ring for fine focusing. This is not a macro lens so close focusing is limited if you working with very small subjects.No aperture ring for that model and you have to rely on the adjusting dial on camera which is an option present on every model. No optical stabilization system (OIS) like the standard zoom lenses. So you have to be more aware about the shutter speed selected by the camera or by yourself. You may choose to upper your minimum shutter speed limit before increasing the ISO used by the camera (Auto ISO Setting into the menu). As already mentioned no Fujifilm dedicated lens hood is available and the filter accessory diameter is 39mm. Through Glass Azur Montreal Subway NorthernWest Light Picture quality The color reddition of the Fujinon XF 27mm F2.8 doesn't differ from the other lens models of the X-Mount Series. So the continuity in term of results can be observed with the others Fujinon X-Mount lenses of the Series. For sure automatic in-board calibration and correction are part of the advantages of the modern digital photography. Focus accuracy between left and right side and up and down seems to be adequate. Spot Fragments The Fujinon XF 27mm F2.8 is not really a substitute for standard zoom lenses such as the XF 18-55mm R or the XC 16-50mm that have a much larger focal length versatility and are doted with an efficient optical stabilization system (OIS). Like many fix focal prime lens it is more a creative lens that is forcing the photographer to anticipate and preselect how to manage the subject and the context of the picture to produce. Little Face The angle of view of the Fujinon XF 27mm F2.8 is similar of the one who can experiment with your own eyes considering only the sharp area. It results that lens rendering can be easily anticipated even without looking into the viewfinder or on the back screen of the camera. "The Fujinon XF 27mm F2.8 is may be one of the most predictable lens of the X-Mount line-up. "
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    Fujinon XC 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OIS II: The Urban Traveller Fugace Selfie on the run at 16mm setting Many of us are looking for the magic lens that will be "the one and only" optic to bring with them. That elude device should be compact, light, first class quality, practical, sturdy and doted with a fairly large maximum aperture. For sure this concept does not exist in this modern era. So contemporary designers are trying to imagine many compensating technologies to cope with traditional constraints. Optical Stabilization (or image captor stabilisation), Higher ISO sensibility availability, Extended variable vocals range (zoom) , In-board camera image post-processing, etc are part of the actual answers offered by manufacturers. And more and more these technological advancements are responding to many of those very demanding exigences.Many of the so-call kit lenses are now very fine products that deliver high quality picture results without big compromises. The Fujinon XC 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OIS II lens is a good illustration of that trend. Its focal range is particularly interesting for urban or traveling photographers. Flare with strong front lightning: The Fujinon XC 16-50mm maintains its creativity. A good pick-up street lens With a widest angle of more than 80 degrees the XC 16-50mm is a useful lens for contextual photography allowing the user to work with very close subjects and preserving its environmental context. Interior and urban projects can be apprehended with ease. Some photographers will propose it as a good landscape or even architectural tool. Since proportions of the objects can be sometime strongly altered at its widest setting I will stay caution with that kind of general advice. Another area of interesting purpose of the Fujinon XC 16-50mm lens is more related with spontaneous photography like street photography or off-camera shooting (without looking at the viewfinder or view screen). In that case after-cropping can be done at the expense of loosing some image definition. Photography is also a visual expression that requires impact at first and spontaneous photography is mainly about that. At every moment a quick swing of the focal ring of the lens can transform it as a small telephoto on the ready with a little more of one aperture stop lost (so beware about your shutter speed). Minette; Ray of Light The finesse of the Fujinon XC 16-50mm OIS II lens can be observed with this B&W picture of our beloved Minette if you examine the details of its fur. This prove the ability of the lens of doing good close-up subjects with extended detail separations. The Fujinon XC 16-50mm OIS II lens is not part of the XF Fujifilm X-mount series. It translates by a lighter construction, the absence of an aperture ring and visibly by the use of more plastic components. On a very intensive use the lens may show a faster rate of wear but this point has yet to be proven. Ruggedness may be another weaker point and I won't recommend it for careless users who like to bang expensive photo equipment. So it is not a real photojournalist lens in the traditional way of working but the Fujinon XC 16-50mm OIS II can be a very handy and fine tool for photographers who will treat it with respect. The Fujinon XC 16-50mm OIS II is the kit lens for urban traveller.
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