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    This lens is an good example of the advantages the new Z-mount brings. The large diameter of the Z mount allows the lens designers to come up with new exciting and/or better performing lenses. The Z 24-70mm f4 is an example of the latter, it's optimised for the new mount and thus behaves in a way like the similarly optimised lenses for the Micro Four Thirds system, the outstanding Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 comes to mind. The Nikkor Z 24-70mm f4 has excellent MTF figures but what's more important in every day use, it's a no-nonsense tool for fantastic images. Finally a "standard range" zoom lens for a full frame system that to me has no flaws. Sharpness is outstanding, even in the far corners. Optical distortion is corrected in the RAW profile and Jpegs. Color, contrast and bokeh are good (although the Z 50mm f1.8 has more punch). Built, size and handling are also very nice. In a kit combined with the Z6 or Z7 this lens represents great value for money and should be a no-brainer when contemplating the purchase of a Z6 or Z7. Some images (all shot on a Nikon Z6) 1. f5 1/13sec iso320 2. f5 1/15sec iso560 3. f5.6 1/40sec iso100 4. f10 1/13sec iso100 5. f4 1/1600sec iso 100
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    Very good lens that due to the advantages of the new Z-mount outperforms it's F-mount counterparts. Very even performance across the frame and very good sharpness already at f1.8. Some samples (all on Nikon Z6) f1.8 f2 f4 f5.6
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    I have read in many places that this is a pretty god deal considering how sharp it is. I have purchased and then sold FOUR of these lenses. Maybe I have just gotten the duds, but I have been disappointed in ALL OF THESE. I do not think they are particularly sharp. I have used this lens on a D80, D700, D5200, and never has it impressed me. I am writing this short evaluation because it might save someone else from investing much money in this lens.
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