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    I just bought this lens (August, 2019.) I had started my MFT adventure with a Panasonic body, and had purchased a 100-300 Lumix lens that I thought was horrible. I read reviews that it was a little soft at 300mm. That was being charitable, at least with my copy of the lens. I sold it some time ago. For more than 2 years I debated buying the 75-300 Olympus version. I finally did so last week. I quickly shot short and long, near and far. I LIKE IT. Maybe my Lumix was a bad sample.... and maybe this Olympus is a particularly good copy. Whichever it might be, I am pleased with this lens. Reviews indicate it is very sharp from center to corners at wide setting. I am doing more with longer settings. I will post some photos a bit later to illustrate some of the lens characteristics. It focuses down to about 3' (90 cm.) I suspect I will be doing some "macro" shots with it.
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