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  1. Thanks Daniel - I will read with interest the 335 pages in your link. Much of our timber is treated pinus radiata (aka Monterey Pine) and timber based products such as plywood, MDF, chipboard. Native timbers are featuring less and less here in Australia. Also engineered wooden beams and components are now commonplace. Steel framed houses are increasingly common in areas where white ants prevail.
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  2. It is a complex of three different buildings (the third one was only on its foundation stage) that will regroup about 24 apartments. Note that it is an almost only wood construction oppose to what has been ten years ago (full metal structure). Have a good day.
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  3. Eh! No reason to stop working in winter times! * *Except for me...
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  4. We haven’t had electricity for 28 hours now. Went off yesterday at 11am and still not restored for the complex I live in. And it is 35C outside right now. I didn’t sleep a wink last night. Running on fumes right now.
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