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    ...the Panasonic Lumix G9. Right now I don't think there is a better value proposition in Micro Four Thirds than what is offered in this affordable body. It will most definitely be overkill for my needs, but it will add some sorely missing video capability as well as bring new features that I don't have, such as high res mode. It probably won't focus my old Olympus 50-200/2.8-3.5, but that's OK. I think it's time for me to upgrade lenses too and the Leica 100-400mm is looking large in my radar. Won't ever need more lens than that. Only thing missing right now is the $1000 needed to buy the bloody thing!
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    About 6 years ago I planted about 20 different fruit trees at home and I am starting a series of images showing the different harvests. I am picking fruits that show imperfections and weird random spots as I think they are more interesting than the ones that are flawless. As more fruits are ready I will be adding more photos. My wife is a gardener and she grows a lot of our food so I will be adding vegetables and other stuff to the series as well as they come off the vines. I will be putting a book together for her with all of the images as the stuff coming out of her garden is beautiful. The title of this book will be "My Lover's Garden" something that my wife couldn't stop laughing about until she found out I was serious and that is the real title. This photo has nectarines and a pluot variety called "Dapple Dandy".
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    Nothing like that new camera smell . . . Whatever camera, I'm sure you'll excel with it!
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    Don't ask me how, why or to whom it belongs, because I don't know. It is in Macaé, my hometown. Taken today with the iPhone 11 Pro max. Thank you for looking. aIMG_0885 by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr aIMG_0880 by Aguinaldo Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr
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    I think someone started to build a house in someone else’s land and when the land owner saw it he tried to teach a lesson. Lol
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    Thanks Chris. I changed it up a bit more yesterday for more head on type pack shots (following the way I usually shoot these) and it's just become a doddle now. No more need for a tripod or even a light stand with this product table and the Inka stand. I can position items into the shooting set without worrying about accidentally bumping anything out of alignment. About the only thing I could find to photograph that presented a slight challenge. Not much done to it other than burning the background up by 4 stops in Lr and removing some spots on the label. Regarding the CD's, the local pawn shop has been selling off their stock of late at ludicrous prices. I got all of those, plus another 3 for the grand total of about $1.50.
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