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    This is a shot from around about the time I started Nikongear in 2005. I had just switched back from shooting Canon digital for about 4 years and after trading in all that gear I got myself the Nikon D70 and 70-200/2.8 VR. At the time I was still accredited as a photographer for the Sharks rugby team and this shot was from my first outing with the D70 at the stadium. Unfortunately I don't have the original digital files from anything I shot before 2009, but I did find an A4 print I had made of this shot of Sharks player Brent Russell, just before he scored a try. I recall that I had cropped the image quite significantly before printing it, so even from a lowly 6MP sensor we could get decent prints after cropping. I "scanned" the print with an iPhone. A few months after this switch back to Nikon I started the website that has shaped the direction of my life ever since.
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    Melbourne Docklands is always pretty quiet after dark. Docklands by Night #1 And looking in the opposite direction - Bolte Bridge Docklands by Night #2 An alternative view of Bolte Bridge Docklands by Night #3 I tried playing with the colour to bring some warmth to the white lights and add a bit of contrast to the blue lighting. Also amazed by the IS capabilities from the Fuji lenses - this was hand held at 1/5 sec. (the previous two had some barriers to lean on). And finally, the Docklands Wheel. Docklands by Night #4 This time managed handheld 1/2 sec. This sort of night time shooting is something that has always interested me but I've never wanted to be weighed down by a tripod. Finally I've got a set up that can deliver the sort of results I want with the freedom to wander unencumbered.
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    What is wrong with you? Seriously. Just grow up. There are things in the world that your pre-programmed mind will never be able to understand. One of these is that in order for businesses like mine to survive this pandemic we have to operate in areas that are constantly accessible, including social media - which is where I have earned every cent I have made since March 27. I truly regret the day I ever agreed to allow you back onto this platform. You are nothing more than a constant source of irritation. I think you need to see somebody, I really do.
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