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    It is more complicated than that. Simply comparing national population densities is misleading, because in many countries there are large areas with few or no inhabitants. A more useful comparison is lived density, discussed here https://theconversation.com/think-your-country-is-crowded-these-maps-reveal-the-truth-about-population-density-across-europe-90345 It is also necessary to look at the extent of international contacts. London and New York have done badly, but they are probably the two most internationally connected major cities in the world. Demographics are also relevant. Minority ethnic communities have been disproportionately hit, and the UK has a very high percentage of these. In Sweden, which has not had a lockdown, the worst results have been in immigrant communities. Obesity is also a factor, and the UK has far too many obese people. And in the UK deaths peaked on 8 April, far too soon for the lockdown to have had an impact on stopping the rise. The UK has suffered in part because of its centralised bureaucratic healthcare system which did not take advantage of the private sector in the way that Germany did. What is clear that is Western Europe has not done well, that mistakes have been made, and that there are many factors to take into account,
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    In the Netherlands we are fortunate to have capable politicians who are advised by excellent medical experts. The number of hospital admissions and fatalities due to Covid is declining so it seems the worst is over thanks to the strict lockdown measures. As a result of this some measures are lifted. It is noticeable people are getting increasingly impatient so the government is trying to strike a balance between what's necessary and what the people are willing to accept and comply with. Focus is shifting from the medical aspect to the economical damage which is enormous but for a rich country like ours shouldn't pose a long term problem. If the Dutch government loans the extra money needed to support businesses and workforce (an estimated 90 billion Euro) they don't even have to pay interest they get payed because of our excellent credit rating. Talking about differences between nations ... On a personal level I still work from home and don't have to travel (three hours a day, by public transport) to the office. If possible I'd like to continue work from home as long as possible. So far the inconveniences for my personal life are minor compared to what other people have to put up with. I feel very lucky about that and wish those less fortunate all the best in coping with this extraordinary situation.
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    Oh, in other news I have used this break to reach out to persons I have had issues with in the past and made amends with them. That has felt wonderful. Life is too short for silly grudges.
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    It must be remembered that the Netherlands is the most densely populated country in the EU. This must be a factor in the relatively high level of infections there. As for the UK, the big strategic weakness is that widespread testing and contact tracing are not being done, so that insufficient data are available on which to base decisions. As I have said, the assessment of the correct balance between loss of life and economic disruption (and emergency public expenditure) will vary from country to country. My personal view is is that we ARE in a crisis. It is fortunate that triple-A rated countries can borrow at zero interest right now. I predict that much of this Covid-related debt will ultimately be written off or rolled over forever, since most of it is owed to central banks. The nut jobs are best ignored. There is no conspiracy. The countries of the world are completely incapable of orchestrating such a thing while keeping it secret. International cooperation is improving, but it is nowhere near that efficient.
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    I think my answer will,be “so far so good”
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    If there is an ulterior motive behind this, all the forces driving it would have to do to obtain a certain action from world governments is use the media to manipulate a situation and apply pressure on leaders to react to something in a way that helps them further their cause. I think we can agree that media manipulation is a real thing. It's been driving wars for over a century. It's about designing outcomes. As long as the narrative is driven in a way that gets the manipulator what they want the truth is irrelevant. Story of mankind...
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