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    On 26 May I visited the English Athletics Championship in Bedford. Most of the events were in the Men's Decathlon and the Women's Heptathlon, hence the same faces kept appearing. First, the hurdles. Please click on image to view large.
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    Javelin. Safety considerations were also relevant here.
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    Pole vault.
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    Discus. Safety considerations made it difficult to get the ideal shot.
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    Long Jump.
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    The J W Lindt photo was taken from the flat centre of the roof of the Victoria barracks visible as the brownish building with slate roof that appears next to the large gum tree at lower left. It might be worth trying if you can talk your way onto that roof to get an exact comparison. Take a copy of the Lindt photo - that sort of thing usually gets co-operation. I've talked my way into places by showing a 19th Century view that I could demonstrate was taken from their building before. You can see the two chimney stacks with the iron balustrade between in the enlarged view of this photo, and exactly where the dude in the photo was standing in the middle of this section: ...just adding - maybe suggest the officer on duty stands in at the same spot with a similar pose - you'll probably be surprised at how co-operative people can get when you involve them. ....and further adding - I think that white flash next to the far chimney may even be the skylight seen in the original - which means the new subject's feet can be located exactly where the guy in the bowler was standing.
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