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    The real estate work continues... Am about to take on a new client soon who also want me to do video (ack!). Here's a few frames from a wonderful home I shot last month. I absolutely fell in love with this place. From the corner looking back at the kitchen, living area and bar. Kitchen area Master bedroom What I liked most about the place was the way the owners have used the open spaces and also furnished them with rustic pieces made from reclaimed wood. This is a style I can really identify with.
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    This is from my last shoot of the day today, a very modern home that had been properly staged for me (this makes such a difference!). Taken from a little further back (just noticed the rings on the ottoman - will need to fix that and re-upload). En-suite. Master bedroom.
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    You have made some very compelling points there Mike. So the rooster lives!
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    Dallas, I can see why you like it.
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    Walking the streets of San Jose, California.
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