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    A series of images I shot in my hometown Amersfoort with a Fuji X100 plus WCL-X100 28mm wide-angle converter. All images shot in Astia Jpeg / Auto Dynamic Range (works amazing), postprocessing in Lightroom. 1. Sint Rochuskapel (built 16th century) 2. Spring cleaning 3. Museum Flehite 4. Nieuweweg/Havik 5. 6. Westsingel 7. Sint Pieters en Bloklandsgasthuis (built 1907-1908) 8. Oliemolenquarter 9. Oliemolenquarter 10. Selfie 11. Oliemolenquarter 12. 13. Zandfoort aan de Eem 14. Eemhuis
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    No. The Leica Q was introduced just four years ago and in the hands of a good photographer still makes excellent images. I would spend the money on travelling and happily shooting with the "old" Q.
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    Excellent Vivion, enjoy your Q!
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    Luc, I was joking. I like the photos I get with the Q - and it is a very nice and intuitive camera in the hand. I will take your advice. The Q Singular, as opposed to the Q Squared, is good enough for me.
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    Another super series, Luc. You also show that digital cameras do not all become obsolete with age.
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    Yes Mike, I must admit that I am tempted. I could unload my Q and a whole bunch of Fuji gear. and, as evert schoolboy knows, the next Firmware update from Leica will degrade the performance of the Q by 35 percent! No decision in haste. I will think on it some more.
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    Gentoo penguin, preening and diving.
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