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    Thanks for the look;)
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    Monopod, tripod... dangling over the edge of a vast drop evokes the same tension, I'm sure.
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    I hope Saltis doesn't accidentally pick up one of your real lenses in the quest to impress you.
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    A recent holiday gave me a bit more of a chance to put my new X-E3 through it's paces. Obviously for general photos, almost any recent camera would do a reasonably job. Sentosa Beach Viewfinder and focus seemed good, managing to track birds in flight, although I was a bit limited by focal length (currently 18-55 is the longest). Bird in Flight One area I did find it struggled was when shooting through wire mesh at the bird park and zoo - I may need to explore the AF setting a bit more though. Also got to give it a try in very low light on the night safari Lions at night Sometimes even just pointing it into the shadows, I could pull something out of the picture. Another thing that I gave a bit of a test was the OIS on the 18-55 lens. This was handheld at 1/10s! Handheld at Marina Bay I was managing to get pretty reliable around 1/15 or so. Overall, I'm liking this camera. It is small enough to not get in the way when you have other things to do, which means you don't mind carrying with you. Image quality and features are more than good enough for me. As mentioned in previous posts, it might be a bit too small to be shooting with all day due to the almost non-existent grip, but it is great to have with you all day without being a weight around your neck. One last thing, there seems to be a few posts flying around about banding in Nikon Z7 images when pulling too much out of the shadows. Going though some of my night safari shots with the X-E3, I discovered this interesting pattern appeared when looking too deeply into the shadows. Artifacts The first picture I noticed it on was a shot through glass so I though it might have been a reflection from behind me, but this shot didn't have any glass, so it must be some sort of internal artefact. It took crazy settings on the sliders to bring it out.
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