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    One of my favourite haunts is Orford Ness, a wild and desolate shingle spit on the Suffolk Coast in the Uk. Orford Ness' military history began in 1913, when the Central Flying School’s Experimental Flying Section took ownership of part of the peninsula. Experiments with parachutes, camouflage and aircraft evaluation. German POWs were kept at the site during WWI - and helped to build the flood defenses. In 1929, Orford Ness was chosen as the site for early British explorations into the field of radar. The beacon established at the site was a simple radio installation that looked something like a sail-less windmill (which still stands today). Within a few years, the tests conducted at Orford Ness gave the British the theoretical and practical background necessary to construct the network of radar-directed air defence that would prove so critical during the RAF's battle with the Luftwaffe in WWII. In 1950, the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment was created to coordinate Britain's efforts in nuclear warfare and took control of the Orford Ness site, which became a testing ground for building design that could withstand nuclear blasts. Officially, no nuclear material was ever detonated at the site, but explosive tests were certainly carried out to test the functional performance of distinctive 'pagoda' shaped buildings - some of which remain standing to this day.
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    Following on from my 'Silver Thread' post here as threatened are some more shots of this wonderful location.
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    Third time lucky? I've changed the aspect ratio to 16:9 as well as losing the vapour trail.
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    About a month ago, I decided to leave the DSLR world for good and switched to Fuji X system. I wanted to reduce the weight and size as much as I could, so I went straight to X-E3 and 23/2.0 kit which was a bargain. Another encouraging factor was Capture One Express Fujifilm. I alread had stopped subscribing Adobe CC a couple of months before because I don't really use much of its advanced functions like layers. I had used Capture NX-D to edit NEF files from D750. I had heard that the profiling of Capture One for the X-trans sensor was excellent. Here are some initial shots with X-E3 and 23/2.0. All images were shot as RAW and processed in Capture One Express. The first three images were shot at ISO3200.
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    Playing around with light
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    Yikes! That must be the lens "mug", right?
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    Mike, FWIW, the DMW-BLC12 battery for GX8 is the same as BP-51 for some Sigma cameras. BP-51 is way cheaper than BLC12, only a little more expensive and more reliable than any off-brand compatible batteries. I owned GX8 previously and still have a BP-51 lying around.
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    These are great compositions, Mike.
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    There were a lot of complaints from reviewers a few years ago about that lens hood policy and Olympus has now changed their tune, so you will find hoods are included with the newer model lenses (i.e. Pro series). Since I started doing RE photography I haven't used my 75mm in ages. Need to rectify that, it's a wonderful lens and I think you will like it a lot. Great focal length with a very small size/weight ratio. The sweetener you're referring to is called Stevia which I have tried, but it also makes me feel quite ill. Xylitol is another one I tried and it had the same effect. I guess they just don't agree with me. I still have the occasional sugary treat, just in moderation.
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    Sweeteners make me feel ill, they really do. Especially the stuff they use in diet sodas. The 75/1.8 lens hood is metal, not plastic, so it's worth the money if added to the cost of the lens. But there are alternatives from China that can substitute. JJC I think?
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    I fully agree with you, Hugh. I just did the same thing by selling my D750 kit for Fuji E-X3 with 23/2.0 kit. My favorite focal length has always been the standard, but I have had to go through three samples of 35/2.0 until I am satisfied with the performance. Mike, I was surprised to know you switched to m4/3. I used to use some Panasonic cameras and liked them. Hope you enjoy your new system!
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    In the past couple of weeks I discovered that a Long Beaked Corella chick had been hatched in my oak tree and had started to walk around the yard grazing on seeds (as its close cousins the cockatoos do) as it still couldn't fly. It had no trouble climbing into the tree, where its mother would drop in twice a day to feed it, regurgitated from her crop. The youngster had woken me up each morning with its simple, but loud two-notes call, but this morning it didn't. Having seen it cross the road before, I thought it might have been run over, but walking into the sun-room a while later showed a more grizzly scene on the other side of the fence. The chick had become breakfast for a Brown Falcon, which took off too soon for me to get outside and try to sneak up to get a clear shot, so the one above taken through the glass of the window and the fence in between will have to suffice. I found it interesting that the falcon had decapitated the corella to kill it (the head was a couple of feet away), and had totally eaten out the body cavity but left the drumsticks untouched with feet still attached.
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