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    Hugh, what prompted me was lock ups, freezes and sudden factory resets for no reason of my X-T2 + X-H1. Plus the lack of response or acknowledgement from Fuji regarding these problems. Also the way the lenses were inconsistent in the way the lens controls such as aperture ring inconsistent feel! Higher battery performance of the Panasonic And so I splashed out on a Lumix G9 + PL 12-60mm lens. To my eyes the G9 in the hand beat the X-H1 hands down, and I don’t see any difference in the IQ. I don’t do video at all, and there are a number of little points such as a superior IBIS functions and a viewfinder to die for. Also I prefer the 4*3 format, and the size of the optics is generally smaller although not necessarily cheaper. Focusing is equally as quick as Fuji cameras and more versatile in the AF options available! The bits and pieces were the last knockings of my Fuji gear, and all I have left now are the 16mm + 23mm Fuji square metal lens hoods! YMMV
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