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    Sunrise above Stair Hole and Lulworth Cove, in Dorset (UK). It takes a short climb in boggy grounds to get above Stair Hole, but witnessing the sun rising and the landscape revealing itself from the darkness from up there is pure magic. Seeing the smile and the excitement on my Workshop's participants' faces when the sun appeared made the climb 100% worth! Leica SL, Voigtlander 15mm and filters Formatt-Hitech Firecrest. Thank you for viewing, best regards Vieri
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    Your RE photos look really good Dallas, especially the first three. Still a bit of visible barrel distortion on the fridge in nr. 4. If I were eyeing a new place to live, your representation would make me come over and check the place out. When I photographed my own home years ago when I was selling it, it only occurred to me in PP how many (unwanted) details are visible in the final photos. You've done a good job cleaning up the place before you took the shots. I'm happy for you you're getting the Pana 8-18. My brother uses the Pana 12-60 on his Oly camera and I was impressed with both picture and build quality. Disclosure: I was going to use a thumbs-up emoticon but in my heart I agree with Vivion that an emoticon is not a substitute for typing a motivated and motivating comment. So here you go. I've recently dusted off my X-T1 which has spent a long time in a cupboard. Hope to get out soon, take pictures and post some.
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    Thanks for the review Dallas. The 8-18 is a lens I was already looking at for a while, mainly because of the size of the 7-14 PRO and the fact you cannot use it with filters. Now you got me thinking again ;-) Beautiful RE shots you have shown here, you really make the property stand out. I would be a happy customer of yours!
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    Ladies and gentlemen, this Workshop is now SOLD OUT! Looking forward to meet all participants in October in Italy, and if you didn't make it on this one see you in Spring 2019, see link below: TUSCANY AND CINQUE TERRE 2019 Best regards, Vieri
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    My first visit to Fotozones in quite a while, this is a spectacular set of images, very glad I checked in.
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    Gloster Meteor, the second oldest flyable jet aircraft in the world, E-M1 mkII and Olympus 300mm Pro
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