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    Your RE photos look really good Dallas, especially the first three. Still a bit of visible barrel distortion on the fridge in nr. 4. If I were eyeing a new place to live, your representation would make me come over and check the place out. When I photographed my own home years ago when I was selling it, it only occurred to me in PP how many (unwanted) details are visible in the final photos. You've done a good job cleaning up the place before you took the shots. I'm happy for you you're getting the Pana 8-18. My brother uses the Pana 12-60 on his Oly camera and I was impressed with both picture and build quality. Disclosure: I was going to use a thumbs-up emoticon but in my heart I agree with Vivion that an emoticon is not a substitute for typing a motivated and motivating comment. So here you go. I've recently dusted off my X-T1 which has spent a long time in a cupboard. Hope to get out soon, take pictures and post some.
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    Thanks for the review Dallas. The 8-18 is a lens I was already looking at for a while, mainly because of the size of the 7-14 PRO and the fact you cannot use it with filters. Now you got me thinking again ;-) Beautiful RE shots you have shown here, you really make the property stand out. I would be a happy customer of yours!
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    My first visit to Fotozones in quite a while, this is a spectacular set of images, very glad I checked in.
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    Gloster Meteor, the second oldest flyable jet aircraft in the world, E-M1 mkII and Olympus 300mm Pro
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