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    I have a few grandkids; this 10 yr old has artistic skills...
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    I have been on ebay for over 15 years and have over 2000 (all positive) feedbacks. What you have experienced has been the same types of problems I've encountered as of late. I continued to buy lenses and cameras from the highest rated sellers, but I'm finding lots of undisclosed problems that are quite serious. When confronted, the sellers either deny the problem claiming that I caused it, or, they say they knew of the problem but choose not to mention it in their ebay ad. So many otherwise great ebay sellers are now trying to dump old/defective equipment hoping to get away with it. I've also experienced this with lenses purchased on large photography forums. From now on, I'm buying only new stuff (if possible).
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    Over the next couple of months I am going to be implementing some changes to FZ operations that will bring back the good old days and see a re-juvenation of the community spirit here. I think that it is still there and even though participation is low, the visitor numbers are good, which indicates that a shake up is needed to make things better on the community front. Some member relations over the past couple of years have left me feeling jaded and, dare I say it, more than a little dejected with life in general. I live in a difficult part of the world as it is, and the stress that comes with dealing with these online things on top of what I deal with on a daily basis didn't leave me in the best frame of mind to lead a community, let alone make the best decisions. This hasn't been good. It's time for it to change. So here's my plan: In the next few months I want to hand over the running of the community (forum) to a committee of members in good standing who, working together, will have complete control over the management of the forum, including organising community activities like challenges, Pic Of The Week (or best of, whatever they decide to call it), member relations, get-togethers, moderation where needed, etc. Ideally I am looking for at least three members to take on the Community Leader roles. I don't see this happening quickly though, so the hand over may take a while. Ideally I would like it to be a democratic thing where perhaps the community nominates leaders and those leaders serve for fixed periods of time. Keeping things fresh is definitely needed. In the meantime, while that process gets started, I want to get ideas from the members on what they would like to see happen in the community. How can it be made better? One of the things that definitely has to happen is a return to gear. Undoubtedly gear is the primary driving force behind most people joining forums. They want to learn and share information about gear, so I am going to create new platforms for specific gear threads in the Gear Zone. I have already moved the old Nikongear archive into there as a sub board and called it Nikon Group. Other groups for specific types of gear will also emerge on demand, however, in order to keep brand wars at bay, I am going to make participation and access to those gear groups accessible by adjusting member permissions. This will work much the same as it did years ago where we had those regional groups for people from different parts of the world, so if you don't want to see discussions in your activity stream about micro four thirds or Fuji cameras, they won't be there. You'd have to join the group to participate. I'll figure out an efficient way for this to happen. My personal focus will remain on content creation and editorial. I will still participate on the forums but once the leaders are in place, my forum role will be much the same as any other member, and I myself will be subject to moderation by the leaders. Yes, you heard that right. So, let's get busy finding some new leaders for FZ and get this place firing on all cylinders again. If you have any ideas or nominations of people who could take on leadership roles please inbox me.
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