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    February 13 Mondaymorning, dog in a window. Nikon Df -- 85mm f/1.4D
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    Obviously not my video, nor is it meaning to be an invitation to debate ethics on feeding wildlife, but for all of those who chase photographs of raptors this will both make you both laugh and probably shed tears of jealousy - watch it 'til the end when the camera pans left.....
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    Thanks Hugh, most kind, perhaps I will have a small libation quite soon. They never even touched the sides. G&T is my poison of choice for the last couple of years, needless to say there is a supply of same in the house. And of course my best wishes go to the brothers of Dallas and Luc.
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    Happy birthday Mike - I poured a beer and a glass of red for you, but ended up drinking them myself (LOL) - they tasted bloody ripper! Hope your day goes well. (I also hope that Dalls and Luc's brothers are now mending; and ditto for Luc's brother-in-law.)
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    I have considered returning the site to more technical content, but if I am honest, that would be very difficult for me to do and what would be the benefit to anybody? These days by the time I get my hands on a new piece of equipment to review it's already been reviewed by dozens of other sites. What value could I possibly add? I am in the process of reviewing the Olympus PEN-F though, so maybe I can find a way of reviewing gear in a way that the audience can relate to. Frankly, I don't visit here to look for "challenges" because I don't like being told what to shoot. I shoot what I enjoy shooting and I'm not very likely to go out of my way to go shoot something just so I can post it. I DO come here to see what other people enjoy shooting, what successes they have and what techniques and gear they used to have that success. I think you have it wrong with the notion that you have to do the work to have a technical-oriented site....as you said, there are plenty of review sites and I know getting cutting edge gear in a timely manner isn't going to work well in South Africa. Very hard to be successful with that model. For me, a format that is along the line of "show me your best shot with this piece of gear" is a much more compelling read and the best way to get "techy" without reviews. If I own that gear or am contemplating a purchase I will always read the latest postings. If I have a killer shot with that item I might be more compelled to contribute. Just realize that in order to interest a large audience, you need to cover a wide variety of mainstream gear. For instance, if you ask for the best shots from a "Leica S" expect little participation. SO: no "fetch me a rock" games. More "show me what you have like this or using this." And lastly, we all need to be more courteous and complementary. People want to brag a bit and if nothing comes back they will stop posting. A simple click on a "Like" button is a little weak. Just my thoughts ... I might be way off base ...
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    Since it's the dead of winter and the days are shorts/nights are long, how about this: Not to make good of the issue, but what about Depression as a topic? Shots of people, animals (if that's doable), even streets, towns, or cities. GB
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    Just wanted to bump this again and state that I will officially close the challenge on February 17 at midnight EST. From there I will spend the weekend looking at the submissions and making a decision on the winner of the Peak Designs Hand Strap. Once the winner is announced, I will contact them via PM to get shipping details. So, even if they are images from the archive....get in your submission!
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    Interesting, Mike. What made you unhappy about the NB? I have made 2 smoothies since getting it on Saturday and I thoroughly enjoyed them. What I enjoyed most of all is how easy it is to clean compared to the Salton smoothie maker we were gifted many years ago (and which has spent almost its entire life in a cupboard). That one has a tap thingy in it and is a nightmare to clean.
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    Thanks Dallas, fingers crossed for your bruv! I used to have a Nutribullet, but was greatly disappointed, so I gave it to a charity shop and bought a Braun glass blender which is heat proof. I now make some very tasty soups, filling and warm, and when the UK gets its two weeks of summer it will bash out some smoothies, a favourite is banana, grape and apple, yummy!
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    perfect match of colours - I like it
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    Double exposure? the bokeh seems to match the braided knot, lovely work.
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    The continued calls for IBIS for cameras without it when shooting videos has just been answered by a rather ingenious little add-on, so those non-stabilised primary lenses can be used successfully, and performance shouldn't fall off with longer lenses.. The video is worth watching just for the sheer ingenuity of the invention, some inventors are so admirably smart I'm envious of them:
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    Thanks Chris.... Wolf sightings in YNP are always special. There are only about 90 wolves in the entire park so seeing any is a gift. At best, most people get to see what we came to call "bear dots" or "wolf dots" in their spotting scopes as the elusive creatures just don't get close enough to be anything more then a barely recognizable "moving thing" in their image using a high power scope. This trip was the inspiration to get serious about acquiring some quality gear.....wasn't going to go back without some serious glass. YNP is indeed the place I'd recommend for a FZ safari.....always something to shoot....wildlife, landscape, birds and, unfortunately, tons of people.... A place that should be high on everyone's bucket-list.
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    Also - make sure you take an FRS radio. When you get to the park, seek out the Geyser Gazers and find what channel they are using and LISTEN. [I never talk on their radio channel out of courtesy.] Talk to them in person as they have learned the patterns of the thermal features and can provide invaluable information as to which geyser will erupt when. Clearly your time in the park will be more enjoyable if you can move from active feature to active feature instead of just randomly sitting somewhere waiting and hoping for something to happen.
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    We've been there several time - one of my most favorite NP's to goto. You need W-I-D-E and Long. I bought my 600/4 primarily for YNP although I get a lot of birding use elsewhere. If you want shots of bears, wolves, foxes, moose, badgers or birds, you need as much reach as you can carry...and a sturdy tripod. Park rules are that you need to stay 100 yards away from bears and wolves and 25 yards from everything else. At that minimum distance of 100 yards, the 600/4's field width computes to 22 feet wide so a 6-ish foot long bear is only going to fill about a quarter of the frame on an FX camera.
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