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    It is only doing it one way but unfortunately - the wrong way. However, if you are going to do it wrongly, make sure you do it as fast as this fellow is Not bad really. This bird's reading ability is no worse than some drivers (and they supposedly have licenses). while panning at some fast flying birds to further check out a lens' AF ability, this turned up when Mongo was examining the results for evaluation on the computer screen. Mongo could not have managed this had he planed it - go figure that ....
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    Hi guys, Some years, so fast... so I am back... Some thousands of shots and working too much. Cheers to all. Some old shots (2013/14) This is Porsche Cup at Estoril racetrack / Portugal. F1 Brazil - Interlagos 2013
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    This is a small part of material produced for a superbike team I work for. Not only shooting but also editing to get the results the team want to see for several different uses. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Cheers and thanks for looking.
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    It was just a Canon...mug;P
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    Mongo had photographed this pair for a few weeks during nest building and then during feeding of the young. The young are expected to make their first appearance any day now. Mongo had so many images of them individually landing on the same twig and yet none where both Mrs and Mr pardalote were simultaneously present. So, Mongo photoshopped an image of both into this image. If the young show up, he may have to photoshop a family portrait unless he can mange to get them all posing together at the one time. Mrs on the left and Mr on the right D4s , AFS II 600mm f4 @f8, tripod (view large)
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    Hey guys, Long time away from the forum. Just the too busy life and dealing with social media and customers... Not using Nikon anymore but some thousands and thousands of shots these years. Miss you all. Cheers, Chris Fabbri
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    We went for a stroll around Little Venice this sunny Sunday afternoon, an area of canals not far from where we live in North West London. Here are a few shots. 1. This lady and her dog were guiding a group of paddle boarders around the canals, not something I have seen here before. Although the water is much cleaner than it used to be, the last thing I would want is to fall in and risk ingesting it. 2. 3. 4. There appeared to be an amateur modelling session taking place - the girls took turns to strike a variety of poses. 5. 6. Sunday afternoons are meant for relaxation. 7. And for drinking tea on the balcony. 8. Since it is Sunday, a church shot seems appropriate, St Mary Magdalene, completed in 1872. It has featured in several films, including The Constant Gardener, and television dramas.
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    A most unusual avian photo.
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    Chirs , Very nice to see you back posting! I love the action seen on the first shot, I sort of remember you saying shooting F1 was very difficult due to restricted access, glad to see you got to shoot the event !
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    Impressive ! Very nice Mongo
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    Thanks Dallas. Yes, Canon here because of gear prices differences in Brazil also easier to purchase but mainly because the Canon repair is also cheaper and most of 3rd part good service dealers can get all the Canon parts needed to replace, so, very easy (and cheaper) to maintain and fix. Also here in Brazil, 90% of track photographers gear are Canon, so it is easy to exchange gear, get a spare battery or camera if you need...
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    Super !!!! Wonderful image !
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    The more you practice, the luckier you get.
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    Supercool mongo. reduced to the point!
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    Fantastic, as usual, Chris! I see you have a decal on the first car! I haven't been watching any motorsport at all the past couple of years. F1 just got sooo boring that I even dropped most of the sports channels from my satellite service. These days I only watch English Premier League football (still a big Everton supporter).
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    Wow, that's a pretty amazing capture! Well done!
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    Nice images, as always, Chris! I won't urge you, but am silently looking forward to seeing your latest images.
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    Wow Chris, back from the grave . Good to see you posting. Very nice. Nod goes to the second image. Tom
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    Great to see you back, Chris. I've always enjoyed your excellent motor-sports photos.
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    Welcome back, Chris, great shots there.
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    Welcome back Chris. Nice pics, and sharp! As always. Best regards.
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    Thank you so much for your kind words Alan. Different view is the most desired quality I want for my pics. You should make an effort to visit Pompeii. We live to fullfill our dreams.
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    Alan, probably you are right. I still cherish the character of my specialized lenses like CRT Nikkor 55/1.2 and 50/1.4 special edition, and varuous useful adapters for (somitimes extreme) loseups, which should eventually be the ONLY reason to continue to use F-mount system. The old as-good-as-new 200 bought for around 80 USD and IBIS of Oly body works just great, and the 400mm equivalent is not the focal length I need too often, so the combo works rather as a fun lens kit. Unlike the time when I started to use m4/3 system for the first time by purchasing Panasonic G1 and the venerable 20/1.7, m4/3 has now become the de-facto standard of the smaller format lens mount, and there are a bunch of lenses to choose. What is interesting, though, is that the latest ACR 9.2 now offers profiles of the old F-mount Nikkors, Minolta SR mount lenses and even a couple of M42 mount Takumar lenses. The popularity of old-timer is not limited to the Df users. I'm aware that videographers and movie makers cherish old lenses for their unique characters and propensity for flares and ghosts.
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    view large Mr Wren - D4s and AFS 300mm f4 @ f8 Mrs Wren - D4s and AFS II 600mm f4 @ f8
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