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    Finally! I got a picture of a Pileated Woodpecker from our deck. Overcast and flat light, but for once the bird stuck around long enough for me to catch it in a fleeting perch on a dead branch. They normally zoom by into the brush next to the house, or alight just long enough for me to imagine that I hear Woody Woodpecker’s famous laugh before they fly off. Not the greatest picture, but a small personal victory
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    ..and with it darker evenings. If I'm lucky at get out of work at just the right time, I can get some pictures as I walk to the station. It's an area I've taken pictures before, but with the light at this time of evening, you just want to take more! DSCF4229 DSCF4222 DSCF4218 All shots Fuji X-E3 and 27 f/2.8.
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    Last Sunday I shot some Motocross at Canada Heights in Kent. Here are some of the results.
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    Where I live I experience all the traffic of the Washington DC suburbs and the typical stress of large city commuting. I do my best to avoid it by traveling the back roads. Most commuters don’t see scenes like this because they drive the major thoroughfares, always in a rush to get to where they are going. I prefer taking my time and “smelling the roses along the way”. I think this proves it is worth the extra time. What do you think? This was taken with my Nikon Z7 + Nikkor Z 24-70/4S + a circular polarizer lens. I processed the image in Capture One Pro 12.
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    Originally used to collect glacier ice to be melted to make water.
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    Hi, These are the flyer and press release of my first exhibition in Italy. It would be very cool if you guys of Fotozones could come, although I will not due to a professional restriction (I'll be working offshore). Dallas, sorry if this invitation is not permitted in this forum or if it is misplaced. I could not find a better place to post it.
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    My home county of Essex boasts one of the longest coastlines in the UK, it isn't one of the most exciting with none of the dramatic cliffs that can be found elsewhere in the country. It does however have a beauty all of its own.
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    From a recent visit. Windy, blustery, and scenic. Photogenic area, also. GB
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    1908 Thornton Pickard ½ plate camera, Ilford MG IV paper negative, ISO 3, 16 seconds @ f/32.
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    Playing with this amazing glass some days ago. Thank you for looking. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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    I was more or less in the same boat as Dallas. I have used M43 gear almost exclusively for about three/four years and liked it but somehow I missed the artistic possibilities of a larger sensor. I still had a Nikon D5500 DX camera, the output of which I liked but the tiny viewfinder is almost unusable for me. So today I traded some of my barely used Nikon/Olympus and Panasonic gear plus some money for a new Nikon Z6 + Nikkor Z 24-70mm f4. I'll keep and will continue to use most of my M43 gear though for a really lightweight alternative.
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    From a recent trip. Nikon D5 and Z6. Thank you for looking. 1 2 3 4 5 6
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    Playing with this awesome lens today at the Botanical Garden. I still have one copy for sale. Thank you for looking. 1 2 3 4
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    Since Alan and Akira very wonderfully illustrated their projects , I'll do the same and explain my very latest one as well. As I have been doing for our two children since they were babies, I was once again called upon by our 38 year-old Son Steven to repair, Jo-jo, the Teddy Bear he has had since he was about a year old. Their dog ate Jo-jo’s nose. After making a mold in a candle and casting and painting an epoxy replacement I carefully re-attached it to Jo-jo. and just to have a little fun, as I always do with our children and grand-children, I sent this email to Steven when I was done: "Steven, Since you’ve got so many important things going on in your life right now, I hesitated to cause you any extra anxiety, so I deliberately waited until the procedure was finished and everything was all right before mentioning it to you. Jo-jo had his transplant surgery and while it was touch and go for a bit there , he rallied and came through like a champ. Incredibly, only hours after you gave Jo-jo to Mom, we received a call that another bear had tragically died in a catastrophic accident, but despite being brain-dead he was thankfully not nose-dead so an organ was available for the transplant. I’ll spare you the rest of the rather technical details of the procedure, and just give you some idea of what went on by sharing some photos I was able to take before, during and after Jo-jo’s surgery and let them speak for themselves. You are a very lucky little boy. Dad"
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    Your Lightroom Queen newsletter Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Hi Michael! It's time for your Lightroom newsletter! Adobe's been hitting the headlines for the last few weeks for all the wrong reasons. There's no doubt that Adobe frequently shoots itself in the foot, but it's also quite fashionable to hate Adobe right now, so let's just bypass all the drama and stick to the facts. In this edition... The Photography Plan prices have NOT changed Adobe is not threatening to sue its customers Lightroom updates - including a new slider! New names - again Recent blog posts The Photography Plan prices have NOT changed There were some reports that Adobe was doubling the price of its Photoshop & Lightroom plan, from $9.99 a month to $19.99. Did you receive an email direct from Adobe, saying they were doubling your price? Or did they take twice as much out of your bank account? No, because it wasn't true. It was just a bunch of websites spreading misinformation and making people panic. Adobe was testing whether new customers would sign up for the $19.99 1TB plan if the $9.99 20GB plan wasn't easily available. It's a form of market testing and practically every company does it because they're incapable of mind reading. Supermarkets rearrange their shelves regularly for the same reason. People have been saying "see, we told you they'd lock you in then raise the price" for 6 years now and it still hasn't happened, other than currency variations. Will the prices for existing customers go up a bit someday? Probably, because everything else costs more than it did in 2013 when they originally set that price. The coffee I'm drinking right now costs way more than it did 6 years ago. $9.99 was a bargain even back then, so it's remarkable that Adobe hasn't changed the price - but it hasn't happened yet. Adobe is not threatening to sue its customers Adobe's lawyers sent out a scary sounding email to some customers last week warning them to upgrade their "unauthorized" software or risk legal problems, and that's also been broadcast by various websites. Adobe undoubtedly needs a lesson in writing friendly emails, but it's not as scary as they made it sound. You may have gathered from the press that Adobe is involved in a legal dispute with another company. There is a slim chance that people continuing to use the old "unauthorized" software could be legally pursued by that third-party, so in order to protect themselves and their customers, Adobe is recommending that subscribers upgrade to the latest versions. For a start, this issue does not affect perpetual/standalone licenses. Adobe has recently tidied up its website, but Lightroom 6.14 is still available for download from https://helpx.adobe.com/download-install/kb/creative-cloud-previous-version-apps-download.html#2015apps and if you can't find your disc/download for older versions, they're still available from customer services. Most subscribers are not affected either. If you're a subscriber and you're using Lightroom Classic or the new cloud-based Lightroom, you don't need to do anything. If you're a subscriber and you're still using Lightroom CC 2015, just uninstall it and install Lightroom Classic. You get all the new features that way too! If you're on a really old operating system that can't run Lightroom Classic, then it's time to consider upgrading your operating system, because you're paying for new features that you can't use! But in the meantime, if you want to stay 100% safe, uninstall Lightroom CC 2015 and reinstall it from the CC app. It's listed as 6.0 under Manage > Other Versions. Lightroom updates - including a new slider! Now onto the good news! All of the Lightroom apps have just been updated and you will LOVE the new Texture slider! Moved in a positive direction, it enhances medium size details in a photo, giving a three-dimensional appearance without affecting the overall contrast or increasing noise. It’s particularly good for landscapes, nature photography, and B&W photography. In the opposite direction, it smoothes skin while retaining the skin’s texture, giving a much more natural result than negative Clarity or Sharpening. It's my new favorite slider! Lightroom Classic also has a new Flat Field Correction tool, it retains the original filename, and import from a memory card should now be faster. You can read a summary of the Lightroom Classic improvements here. One notable new bug has been reported, which causes problems when exporting to a network drive/NAS. It's being investigated here. The Lightroom cloud-based ecosystem now has a cloud trash, Defringe tool, bulk editing on Android, and new invitation-only web galleries. You can read a summary of the changes to the Lightroom cloud service here. I've already updated both Adobe Lightroom - Edit Like a Pro and Adobe Lightroom Classic - The Missing FAQ with all of the information about these new features. If you have a current Premium Membership, you can download the latest version of your book from the Members Area right now. (And if not, here's the shop - go buy your copy!) New Names - Again! You may notice the CC’s have gone missing from the names of all of the Creative Cloud apps. This is not a Lightroom-specific change. Since all of the apps are now part of the Creative Cloud, the extra letters are redundant. This means the current apps are now simply called Lightroom (the family of apps that stores your photos in the cloud) and Lightroom Classic (the traditional folder-based desktop app). Lightroom 1-6obviously retain their old names. We're adding the icons to our blog posts and books, to make it easy to identify which version of Lightroom we're all talking about. Recent Blog Posts Did you miss these blog posts? Moving Lightroom to a New Computer – New FREE eBook Why doesn’t my Lightroom version support my new camera? How do I find and move or rename my catalog? How do I move only my photos to another hard drive, leaving the catalog where it is? The Photography Plan IS still available at $9.99 What’s New in Lightroom (Cloud Service) May 2019 release? What’s New in Lightroom Classic 8.3 (May 2019)? Talk again soon! Victoria & Paul VISIT THE WEBSITE LIKE ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW ON TWITTER Copyright © 2019 The Lightroom Queen, All rights reserved. You're receiving this email because you either purchased one of my books or you signed up using the form on my www.lightroomqueen.com website. Our mailing address is: The Lightroom Queen 125 Firgrove Road Southampton, Hampshire SO15 3ET United Kingdom Add us to your address book update email address & preferences | unsubscribe | view email in browser
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    I wish Lightroom would go solo at Adobe. I'd happily pay $5 a month for it sans the abortion of logic called Photoshop. 😵 [runs and hides]
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    The real estate work continues... Am about to take on a new client soon who also want me to do video (ack!). Here's a few frames from a wonderful home I shot last month. I absolutely fell in love with this place. From the corner looking back at the kitchen, living area and bar. Kitchen area Master bedroom What I liked most about the place was the way the owners have used the open spaces and also furnished them with rustic pieces made from reclaimed wood. This is a style I can really identify with.
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    I feel like I'm getting to grips with the Z6 (and adjusting Nikon's weird blue hue to my personal preference).
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    Playing with this heavy lens today in a Z6. Thank you for looking.
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    Hi Mike, If this can help you, here is a short review about the Olympus Pen-F that I have done some time ago. Have a good day, Daniel M The Olympus Pen-F: Compact, classic and competent The love of rangefinder style camera The Olympus Pen-F with the M.Zuiko 17mm F1.8 as a fine all-around combination. It is true to say that I always have a special crush for any rangefinder style film or digital camera. It has and still represents the traditional way of seeing a (real) compact camera in my sense. All those models are usually fun to work with and can generate very original photo material. When Olympus had introduced the Pen-F I was charmed by the look of the product and now I began to discover its special abilities as a strong but funny photo device to experiment. The Olympus Pen-F has its own standards and cannot be assimilated or compare to other D-SLR style (or centered viewfinder) models. There is that modern camera style debate regarding SLR versus rangefinder categories that you can translate today by the choice of on-axis and off-axis (from the taking lens) viewfinder. Moreover rangefinder style cameras tend to be assimilated to compact and discrete devices nor that DSLR style camera have been associated as the center element of a complete and extended photographic system which is using longer telephoto and wider lenses and faster motorized advance film options. The best illustrations of those two “schools” are present in all major line of mirrorless products available from Fujifilm, Olympus or Panasonic cameras and lenses. It replicate in this digital era the same pattern observed in the past with the Leica film camera offer with the M and the R lines. With Olympus you can choose between the Pen and the OM-D lines. Accordingly their Premium and standard zoom lenses fit perfectly with the Pen models and their larger zoom and Pro lenses combine well with the OM-D series. Olympus EP-3 Pen series predecessor During the past decade I have the chance to use both Olympus series models including the earlier EP models with the add-on viewfinder (a bit similar to the ancient Leica film I-G series). You can refer with my previous blog-notes on these models such as the EP-3 or the OM-D E-M5 (first version) or the most recent ones concerning the OM-D E-M5 Mark II and the OM-D E-M1 Mark II. Both rangefinder and SLR styles have their own advantages. OM-D E-M1 and OM-D E-M5 are really all-weather devices with enhanced grips useful when combined with bigger faster lenses or external bigger flash units. The battery autonomy is greater and the viewfinder in the case of the E-M1 Mark II is clearly more confortable with its wider view. For many assignation works the OM-D series will get my preference. But for urban, travel or everyday spontaneous subjects the Olympus Pen-F is a perfect on-hand camera. The Olympus Pen-F Doing on the spot photography with the Olympus Pen-F is unbeatable because of its compactness and its own discretion. On travel and urban surrounding it is a strong advantage. And the Olympus Pen-F is far less intimidating regarding people or animal (domestic) photography. Using the silent mode option (electronic shutter) represent another strong advantage of the Pen-F if you are facing more quiet or calm conditions and subjects. It is already said that the Olympus Pen-F replicates many aspects of the ancient rangefinder film cameras. But in that sense the past ergonomic solutions of the analog film era may also apply to the actual digital devices. On the Olympus Pen-F some traditional dial functionalities have been transformed such as the On/Off interrupter that simulate the traditional film rewind knob and the front special effect dial which is recalling the old slow shutter speed selector of the time. You can also use the traditional screw-in shutter release cable as a remote trigger unit. The Olympus Pen-F is a slim and compact camera. Its “Pavé” design (like a slender decorative brick size) will dictate a less confortable and secure sense of handling. In three words there is “no protuberant grip” to rely and the use of a wrist or shoulder strap seem to be an obligation for the everyday user. There is also the possibility to add the Olympus ECG-4 optional grip. The slim design of the Pen-F is especially suitable for the combine use of the small Olympus (or Panasonic) fix or variable focal lenses. Examples of these fine optics are the Olympus M.Zuiko lenses such as the 12mm F2.0, the17mm F1.8, the 25mm F1.8 and the 45mm F1.8 lenses or the 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 zoom as an all-around optic. A lot of bigger lenses are fully compatible with the Pen-F but the handling of the camera will suffer a bit accordantly. Except for the On/Off interrupter all the important dials and function buttons are located on the back & front of the Olympus Pen-F right hand side. This disposition facilities greatly the right hand control of the camera and liberate your left hand for a better handling of the taking lens especially in regard of the manual focusing (and zooming if available) option. As usual for Olympus cameras many functionalities may be directly available after prior setting (via menu interface) of the control knobs and push buttons. Most manufacturer default setting are logical and nicely presented although it may be altered at will in regard of your specific requirements. EVF / Back live screen The “look through” electronic viewfinder (EVF) will give a well definite picture with a very short time lag not really noticeable if you are concentrate on your subject. As usual the more high contrast rendering compare to the final image output registered has to be considered. The Live/Review back screen is also very well definite and can be relied as a good reviewing tool. It has also the great versatility of pivoting in almost every way. Interface and Quick menu Olympus interfaces are by tradition very extended and complete but the numerous accesses to the different setting options can be confusing and will ask you to invest on the learning curve of the menu. Many default setting are excellent and can be use right from the start. Furthermore the quick menu mode synthetize the most important factors usually chosen for the camera setting. There are also the Custom modes setting (C1; C2; C3; C4) that are very handy for the photographer who want to switch on the spot to a complete different setting. My suggestion is to experiment gradually the Olympus Pen-F and get use to its multi-possibilities. On a short note I have found that in many cases the multiple way (by going through the menu or the quick mode or even the direct dials and function buttons) of doing the same adjustment can be a bit confusing. As for many other Olympus models, it is suggested to bring an extra battery considering the limited autonomy of the BLN-1 battery pack. Shooting by using only the EVF can extend significantly the life of your battery pack charge. You just have to reverse the LCD screen to use this option. Flash options No in-board flash has been incorporated to the Pen-F. A small external Olympus FM-LM3 optional flash is included with the camera package and can be used as an emergency fill-in flash or as a commander unit of a multi external Olympus flashes arrangement. Otherwise you can rely on a more powerful and versatile unit such as the Olympus FL-600R that is powered by its own 4 size AA batteries. Image Output By using the 20MP image captor similar to the OM-D E-M1 Mark II or to the Panasonic Lumix GX8 the image quality has been optimized on the Olympus Pen-F. The extra resolution compared to the previous 16MP sensor will give an additional marge of manoeuvre for post treatment ability with a less visible lost of definition. In some case like monochrome picture taken on high ISO setting the difference can be notably appreciated. If monochrome represents most of your photo projects the Olympus Pen-F (like many Olympus M4/3 format models) will fulfil your tasks very nicely. The Pen-F offers you a lot of different pre-program color configurations plus the possibility to create your own color bias and record it into its different custom menu. Using the Art filter options is another way to experiment different picture renderings. In that sense there are no real limitations for the photographer creativity. The whole M4/3 format digital system has reached a great maturity. Action photography with the Olympus Pen-F ? Spontaneous photography as street or urban or travel subjects are well deserved by the Pen-F as everybody seem to agree easily but that perception differs a lot when you are speaking of action or sport photography. Many just points out a restricted ability of the camera to properly autofocus on moving subjects. Moving (often erratic) targets present a challenge to all autofocusing system and there are only a very limited camera models that can properly answer that demand like the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II. So in the case of the Pen-F action photography is not the ideal situation to use it… but it can be done by setting for example a pre-focus area on manual position. For sure anticipation is fully required to do so but it got the advantage to more carefully plan our final picture composition. So with certain restrictions and more skill asked from the photographer part the Pen-F can fulfil the bill. At the end the Olympus Pen-F can be rightly assimilated as a perfect second very compact camera on hand for the sporty photographer. (Conclusion) In brief the Olympus Pen-F may represent the summit of their Pen series evolution simply by the fact that it reunite the slim design with the electronic viewfinder (EVF) like the ancient rangefinder film cameras. The Olympus Pen-F is complete in its features and performs very competently with the latest 20MP image captor. Although I did not intent to use the video aspect of the model the Olympus Pen-F is a very competent and compact still digital camera. Because of the compact size of the camera and the lenses that suit this volume (like the 12mm, 17mm, 25mm or 45mm) the Olympus Pen-F is very easy to bring all-around with you and is a very fine picture generator. It can fulfil many different photo projects on an everyday basis. Its 20MP image sensor will give very high quality output at the same level of the “Pro” OM-D E-M1 Mark II. The versatility of the Olympus Pen-F is on the side of its compactness: easy to bring, reach, show, shoot and share. Post-scriptum on the Olympus Pen-F Olympus Pen-F with M.Zuiko 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 II R lens There are many lens-body combinations available with the Olympus Pen-F. For sure the best image quality results will be obtained by using the Premium (prime) and Pro series lenses. But you can also explore a more modest approach with small zoom lenses such as the Olympus M.Zuiko 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 II R lens model that is very affordable, compact, versatile and will give very good pictures. It can be a small lens that facilities greatly spontaneous photography practice. Since my introduction to the M4/3 format with the Olympus EP-3 I have selected the M.Zuiko 14-42mm II R lens as an ever ready “everyday” on hand optic on several occasions without being deceptive by its output. It represents a king of normal trans-standard zoom lens. Its major flaw remains its very small maximum aperture and it is difficult to really extract your subject from its surrounding by using a shallow deep-of-field. But on the other hand it can be a fantastic contextual lens that will allow you to compose beautiful urban scape for example.
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    I like fumbling with electronic circuits and accessories related to the musical instruments. The examples are: 1. an original overdrive pedal 2. a passive DI box using a Jensen transformer 3. a restored Boss OC-2 pedal (the original input and the output jacks had corroded contacts). 4 and 5. modification of EBow. Quite nerdy, I guess.
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    Well, it's photography related, but from the hesitant start into adapting Cold War-era Russian and DDR lenses rather unimpressively to my Sigma sd Quattro-H, that has burgeoned into me virtually switching full-time back to film and related cameras, which has in turn necessitated learning how to fix the things, many of which haven't been used for a couple of decades or more. That in turn led to my reinstating my old Görlitzer Kamera Werke stand camera, which led to an old Thornton Pickard half-plate field camera joining the growing queue. Easter saw it turned from a dowdy, dirty, tarnished and sloppy thing which probably would have ended up at the tip, to a camera that I'll enjoy using for many years to come. While I couldn't fix the behind-lens shutter as the curtain was disintegrated, I did spruce up the external workings and refit them and the shutter housing to the camera as well as having refinished all the brasswork on the camera itself, and the lens is now focused at infinity when the camera is unfolded as it was designed to do originally. My next project is already lined up - I managed to find an unused, brand-new Pentacon Six assembled chassis, presumably left over from the bunch of such items that Exakta bought when Pentacon closed around 1990, and which they turned into the uber-expensive Exakta66. As I also have a dysfunctional but cosmetically excellent Pentacon Six body here, assembling a brand new, working Pentacon 66 from the two is the objective. This could end badly, but hopefully I've learned enough to succeed and thus become the owner of probably the last brand new, functional Pentacon Six ever. As a hobby, this camera restoration/resuscitation thing is proving to be addictive. That I managed to assemble the Thornton Pickard shutter externals into as good as operational state from just a plastic bag full disassembled bits and no instructions (if I had a new blind to fit it would work) gave me the sort of buzz that has us eager to pursue a hobby aside from regular work, I think.
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    Oh, you ain't seen nothing yet, Mike. I was reading a printed book the other day and I found myself pressing down on a word waiting for the pop-up context menu to appear so I could lookup the meaning... 🙄
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    I had my first Z6 outing this afternoon. A guick Jpeg. Nikon Z6 + Nikkor 70-200mm f4.
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    From my 2014 trek. Thank you for looking. 1 Ama Dablan 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Everest 10 Everest
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    Nikon Z6 & 105mm f/1.4. Thank you for looking.
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    The same scene, this time shot with a Nikon Z6. The Z6 image (edited from Jpeg, as are the X100 images above) has clearly more dynamic range. And the trees have leaves now!
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    Really great images Dallas, you've found your forte imo.
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    I have a 12TB G-Technology Thunderbolt 3 drive I use to collect stuff from other drives as a backup. This 12TB is then backed up to the cloud. It is handy to have the capacity but even it being Thunderbolt 3 it is limited by the 7200RPM drive inside of it and not a speed demon. You can buy the same drive in USB-C (up to 10TB) for less than half. I have 1 clone of each drive I use, the important stuff also gets sent to the the Drobos and the 12 TB, which is synced to the cloud. All the data took a while to upload, but even having 3 physical copies of each does nothing if my house gets burned down or broken into, therefore the off-site backup was mandatory. All of the above is a pain in the ass, time consuming and somewhat costly, but the peace of mind is worth it. This is the one I got: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=email&A=details&Q=&sku=1360172&is=REG But honestly this one should do just fine for archival purposes: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1333859-REG/g_technology_0g05678_professional_desktop_drive_power.html
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    Thanks! Hugh, those are indeed Fokker S.11 trainer aircraft, stationed at Lelystad Airport. Another one from this outing, this image processed from RAW after I converted the NEF to DNG with the Adobe DNG converter (my old Lightroom 5.7 doesn't support Z6 NEF). The building in the background is a reconstruction of the 1930's Schiphol Airport Building.
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    This marvelous structure was built in 1888 to be a public conservatory and botanical garden. It remains open to the public to this day in the heart of Baltimore City’s Druid Hill Park. Inside are five rooms representing distinct climates – an orchid room, a palm room (large room seen here), Mediterranean room, desert room and tropical room. The latter three of these are in more modern additions located behind this view. It was foggy and overcast when I visited here last Saturday morning.
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    I have used LaCie drives for years, never had a problem. The iMac Pro price is crazy. I think it is not worth it for stills photographers.
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    The sun moves too fast. Landscape is never a still subject. Ai Nikkor 200/4.0@f11, Fuji X-E3.
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    Thank you for the comment and tip Luc. I'm curious to see the results (and price) of the new Noct. Here's your suggestion:
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    Having worked with academics, it is at times amazing how much specious clap trap that some of them can come up with - especially in respect of self promotion and in the run ups to when they put in for grant applications. All a bit sad, especially for those academics who play matters with a straight bat and don't bend the rules.
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    Spotted this hearse in Malcesine on Lake Garda, Italy. It is based on a Jaguar XJ.
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    But I'm left handed! Milady shall be forced to defend herself! 😩 The interesting thing about Vivion's comment around bias is that whilst I have had to endure the right handed world all my life, I believe it has strengthened me in immeasurable ways. It would be a waste of my energy to set about trying to change the world to suit me better. Rather I change myself to suit the world better.
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    And as for all you racist foreigners that design left hand drive vehicles to challenge us Anglo Saxons ... well! The world has truly gone mad. Heaven help my grandchildren.
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    I can understand that metering and emulsion was probably designed with lighter skin in mind, since light skinned people dominated the scene when cameras and emulsions were invented. But is that cause for people like this presumably intelligent professor to stand on a world stage and cry racism? Did anybody suffer terribly as a result of how a camera exposes an image? Trust me, living where I live I know firsthand what real racism is and this is so far off the mark that it beggars belief.
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    In general, the designated focal length of a lens only represents the focal length when it is focused at infinity. The lenses of modern optical designs (floting elements, rear focus, internal focus, etc.) will change their focal lengths as they are focused closer. Thus there is no wonder if the focal length and the resulted angle-of-view (magnification factor) of two different versions of Tamron 90 macros when focused at the same close distances would be different.
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    It is very refreshing to learn more about the other interests and passions that passionate photographers have in life. It makes look at them, lets say, more human that technical as usual. It proves their own versatility to get involved in apparent far outfield from picture taking but in a sense we understand everything is related in some ways or others. I love to walk on a regular base for maintening my body healt but moreover for my mental one. That passion was transmitted from my young age by my late grandfather who was a daily walker on long distance (He hated to drive and love to be out of his home and visit places and people). I guess I have inherit a part of his life vocation. History and learning about foreign places and people is my other strong interest. Looking to the meaning of thinks, past activities et ancient artefacts always excite my incorrigible curiosity. You know "I want to know and understand why". In a way photography is only a pretext to fulfill that appel for moving myself and observe my surrounding. At the end I am passionate about people and the places they live.
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    Saw this a few weeks ago while on a leisure drive up Botha's Hill near Durban (actually part of the Durban Metro, but sits about 40km outside the city). To restore, or not to restore?
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    Oldish shot that I'm dusting off and posting. Comments welcome, GB
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    As was the case last year, it is almost time for Fotozones to run its annual dormant account purge. This means that any accounts that have not been logged into for more than 3 years as of 30 June 2019 will be removed from our database and any posts made by those members will be attributed to a guest account. I have sent out email notifications to the affected accounts this morning, but obviously not everybody gets the emails, and if they do it's likely that they end up in the spam filter. If you know of any past member who hasn't visited since midway through 2016 and you would like them to return, why not pop them a personal message? All they have to do is log in and they will be considered active members by the system. If they have forgotten their login details retrieving them via the lost password system is an easy process.
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    I still have a little of the model aeroplanism disease in me and I tinker with model engineering, electronics, and DIY projects. Am also starting to get into 4WD driving.
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    Shot this morning
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    Shot with X-E3 and Zeiss Touit 1.8/32. Processed in Capture One Express Fujifilm. The second image was only slightly trimmed.
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