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Fotozones Community Guidelines & Rules

This website has been created for the enjoyment, entertainment and education of persons interested in digital image making with any device. 


Content may be posted to our community forum in a number of different sub-boards. Good content may be promoted to the various main zones found on the site so that it can be more easily referenced by visitors and internet search engines. 


Article Content

We produce our own content and we also invite contributions from any person who has something to share with our audience. 


We do not pay for content submitted to Fotozones but if a member's content is promoted/accepted into a major publishing zone we do offer the author the opportunity to link back to their own websites, or ask for ad hoc personal crowd finding by means of various monetisation organisations such as Patreon or affiliate links. Links to affiliate commission businesses may be included in promoted material provided that the affiliate approves of your use of links on a 3rd party website such as Fotozones. If you are intending to place affiliate links in contributed material you must indicate that these links benefit you financially either at the beginning or the end of your submitted material. You are responsible for setting up these affiliate links yourself. For more information on contributing this kind of content to Fotozones, please visit this page


Forum Content

Our forum has been in existence since April 2006 and has previously been known as Nikongear.com. Over the years things changed and we are now a non-brand or format orientated community. We just like cameras and photos regardless of how they were taken. 


Fotozones is not a place where trolling is acceptable. If a member posts anything that is deemed to be personally demeaning or baiting to any other member or group, that content will be removed or edited and a warning will be issued to the perpetrator. Multiple warnings may result in a temporary or permanent ban from Fotozones. This is entirely at the discretion of the site owner or appointed manager/custodian. 


We expect our members to respect one another and especially to respect that opinions on subjects may differ and as such they may also result in disagreement. Just because somebody doesn't agree with you doesn't mean that you have to denigrate them on a personal level. Following that path on Fotozones is definitely not recommended. 


Any attacks on Fotozones policies, it's owners or appointed helpers will result in the removal of all site access and privileges afforded to the account holder. 


Commercial Activity

We may, from time to time, work with various brands on promotions or receive equipment for review purposes. We will never accept money to review any item. The only commercial activity we engage in is the organising of photographic safaris and other expeditions via our own travel brand, namely Photographers.travel. These adventures are prominently featured on our pages and we highly encourage you to join in on one of these trips if you are able to. 

Important Information

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