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    • By crowecg
      This is from a couple of weeks ago.  The poor little thing was getting mobbed by a flock of seagulls and finally settled on the wall close to me. I must have seemed less threatening than the gulls.

      Fuji E-E3 with Fuji 55-200
    • By Adnan Khan
      This was shot in 2010 with a Panasonic FZ-35 bridge zoom.
      There were 8 ducklings the rest became cat's dinner and these 2 were saved and are now grandparents
      I was too lazy to find a larger size.

    • By Greg Drawbaugh
      This is a Black-capped Chickadee seeking shelter in the apple tree in our Minnesota backyard.  These little guys are always fun to watch and always seem happy.  This one ducked into the apple tree for safety, likely after seeing me point my E-M1 mk11 and 300mm f4.0 his direction, shot at ISO 1600.

    • By Greg Drawbaugh
      It is the season for baby birds here in Minnesota.  During a walk around White Bear Lake last weekend my wife and I heard the distinctive sounds of hungry young birds, and sure enough I spotted this little Downy Woodpecker poking its head out waiting for dad to feed him.  We went back to the same White Birch tree two days later, and the little ones had already left their nest.

    • By afx
      On our short dog walk we come around a corner with chestnuts:

      The rainbow was produced this way:

      The images where taken during a longish dry spell, where the farmers in the area started with irrigation.
      Even without the rainbow, I found the water from the sprinkler interesting:

      Actually, the first two images are nice, but more documentary, I like the last one much better, probably the tone of the light and the way the corn plants are lit.
    • By Luc de Schepper
      Autumn leaves against the backdrop of the glass-panelled facade of the Beeld en Geluid building in Hilversum/Holland.
      Olympus E-M10 + Panasonic 35-100mm f4-5.6

    • By Nancy Elwood
      I just finished with my trip to the Skagit River Valley in northern Washington State.  I came for the eagles and they did not disappoint!  The Skagit River as with a few others have now plenty of dead Salmon, having died after spawning.  So it is like a buffet for them.  These are just a few.  All taken with the Nikon D500 and Nikon 500 f/4E, FL, ED, VR lens, and all taken from a boat which made for a challenging shoot.

    • By Nancy Elwood
      I have been quite busy of late with workshop clients, but thought I would post a few from this past weekend.  The first birds that really start nesting this time of year in Florida are the Great Blue Herons.  The colors and additional feathers really make for great photography subjects.  These were taken with the Nikon D500 and Nikon 300 f/4 AF-S, non VR, lens, handheld.  I am off in 10 days to the Seattle area for three mornings of eagle photography down the Skagit River.  This time of year with the end of the salmon run hundreds of eagles gather for the feast.

    • By Greg Drawbaugh
      Ringtone for a Grey Go Away Bird, use this mp3 for Android phones
    • By Luc de Schepper
      All images Olympus E-M10 + Olympus 75mm f1.8
      EM10-293074 by Luc de Schepper, on Flickr
      EM10-293086 by Luc de Schepper, on Flickr
      EM10-293109 by Luc de Schepper, on Flickr
      EM10-293121 by Luc de Schepper, on Flickr
      EM10-293132 by Luc de Schepper, on Flickr
      EM10-293144 by Luc de Schepper, on Flickr
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