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    • By crowecg
      For those of you sweating through those Northern Hemisphere summer heatwaves, a little snow from down here.  I had a few days over in New Zealand last week.

      Double Cone summit above Remarkables Ski Area

      Shadow Basin  - I didn't realise at the time, but that flat area in the centre contains a small lake, and I just happened to ski over it!😧

       Wye Creek valley and mountains beyond the southern limit of the ski area.

      Looking back into the ski area from the same point as the picture above.

      Clouds  I was lucky much of the time that the clouds were either down below or up above or even both at the same time, but quite clear where I was.  As the sun started to drop in the late afternoon, things could look quite dramatic.

      More Clouds, somehow managing to stay out of the valley!
      All shot with X-E3 and 27 f/2.8.  I wanted to keep the set up light and relatively compact to avoid damage - I suspect I may have rolled over it a couple of times😖.  Despite it's small size, I didn't have any problem operating the camera with thin gloves on and could almost get away with it using thicker gloves as long as I just stuck to the main settings.  No problems with the cold, although I would only take a couple of photos before putting the camera back in the bag - it didn't get above 0C most days.
    • By Mebyon K
      Another attempt at landscape photography, any comments are welcomed.

    • By Mebyon K
      Taken at Weymouth in August last year. I'm an inexperienced landscape photographer and I would like to know what others, who are more experienced, think of this. An unmodified, except for the removal of half a dozen navigation buoys, sooc jpeg taken with my then new X-H1, and the 16-55 f2.8 zoom.

    • By Rick59
      Picture was taken in the morning with some fog in front of the dunes.
    • By Kyle
      So over a month ago I vowed to "post more" from my mountain trip....one fixed keyboard later and a new CPU, here I am. Enjoy. 

    • By Kyle
      I took a weekend trip to the Davis Mountains this weekend...This is probably my favorite shot of the bunch  took. I'll get some more on here tomorrow. 
      EDIT: I'm typing this edit from my phone, my keyboard is officially dead (I typed the above with the onscreen click keyboard, hence the blandness that comes off in it's tone lolol) I got in not long ago and still processing a few others, can't wait to get em posted!

    • By SheldonEHooper
      A beautiful sunset made better by the presence of the clouds. A bare sky is often boring and this brings a sense of foreboding to the picture of what will happen next.
    • By Dallas
      I came across this article on a feed and thought it was worth sharing. This young South African photographer has made an incredible image of the Milky Way above Cape Town, from atop Table Mountain. Read the article to see how he did it with... an Olympus EM-10 and kit lens! 
      link to article
      I will be sharing more of the stuff I find on this board, I encourage you all to do the same. Let's get the conversations going again on this slick new platform.  

      Image shared with permission from Janik.
    • By crowecg
      Some photos from a trip through Victoria's High Country from between Christmas and New Year. Unfortunately been a bit busy so it has taken a while to get round to processing and posting them.
      The trip stared with a few nights camping at Lake Cobbler, located on a plateau at a height of around 1000m.

      Lake Cobbler Pano

      Camp Site
      The campsite among the trees was a bit dusty.
      From the campsite it was a short walk down through a few small water falls

      Little Falls
      but these were only the start of something bigger.

      Dandongadale Falls (Victoria’s longest falls with a 255m drop).
    • Guest pisq
      By Guest pisq
      shooting the trees in a local park

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