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POTW #442 - Marco Lanciani
© Marco Lanciani

POTW #442 - Marco Lanciani

Nominated by Anthony.

Chosen by afx.

Original Thread

POTW Thread


© Marco Lanciani

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      By Marco Lanciani
      Solar halo.

      D7000 14·24mm 2.8 • 1/8000" 5.6 100 ISO
      The Halo is quite large: its diameter is 44°. One need at least a 20mm lens on FX format.
      The presence of ice crystals in the atmosphere makes it visible and it's fairly easy to spot.
      A veiled sky or cirrus clouds in the sky is the typical scenario.
      Update: What looked like a sun pillar must be some in-camera reflection: changing lens is still there but eventually I've taken some shot rotating the camera and the "light beam" from the sun rotates too.
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