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35mm f/1.4R XF Fujinon


  • Filter (Ømm): 52

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Brand: Fujinon
Focus: Auto
Mass (g): 187
Length (mm): 50.4
Optics: 8/6
AOV ˚: 44.2
Macro: 0.17x
Minimum Focus (mm): 280


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  • Contributor

This was the first lens to look at when I switched the system from Nikon DSLR to Fuji X.  I tested it briefly and didn't like it due to its noisy operation.  The focusing motor generated quite a bit of noise.  In addition, the aperture blads are constantly closing and opening perhaps in order to adjust the exposure for the live view image, which created very annoying "chitchat" noise.  The noise was reminiscent of that generated by Panasonic/Leica Summilux 25/1.4 whose rendition I adored but which I regrettably discarded for the same reason.


The image rendition was lovely, though.


I seriously hope that Fuji would release the new, quieter version with the optics retained.

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