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16mmF2.8 R WR


  • Filter (Ømm): 49

I've been using this lens for a few months now, and whilst people may suggest other lenses that are faster, or sharper, or have less distortion, I feel that this lens is just an ideal compromise in a conveniently small package.  I use it on an X-E3, and whilst it is bigger than the 27 f/2.8, it just feels so natural and comfortable there.  



16 f/2.8 


It also works well in IR.  



IR 16 f/2.8 on unmodified X-E3 with R72 filter

Brand: Fujinon
Focus: Auto
Mass (g): 155
Length (mm): 45.4
AOV ˚: 83.2
Macro: 0.13x
Minimum Focus (mm): 170
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