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14mm f/2.8 XF Fujinon


  • Filter (Ømm): 58

For my first six months in Fujiland, this lens and the modest XE-1 camera were all the Fuji I had. It's auto focus and manual focus, and has a distance scale and an aperture ring. It gives the impression---without having technically measured it---of extremely even sharpness all the way across the frame.


It's most startling imaging characteristic is the absence of distortion.  It actually has a tiny amount of barrel distortion, but there is so little distortion that it doesn't need to be digitally corrected, even on formal architectural shots. I feel comfortable using this lens at any aperture.  I know the lens will not fail in some way, and spoil the shot. This is the APS-C answer to the much sought after Leica Super Angulon 21mm/2.8, except the evenness of illumination is better.


Cons:  Focus by wire, aperture by wire, most samples seem to have rather faint detents on the aperture ring.


Durability and serviceability: unknown...this Fuji X equipment hasn't been around long enough to know. Mine is still working fine after 2.5 years and thousands of frames exposed.


The flange-focus distance is so short (17.7mm) that, when combined with the focus/aperture by wire system, it is unlikely that the Fujifilm X lenses will ever be usable on another camera system.

Hint:  If the supplied petal-shaped hood, which is very well designed for shading the lens, is too large for your taste, buy a second hood from Fujifilm, and trim it down with a Dremel or a saw.

I absolutely recommend this lens to any Fuji X shooter.

Brand: Fujinon
Focus: Auto
Mass (g): 235
Length (mm): 58
Optics: 10/7
AOV ˚: 90.8
Macro: 0.12x
Minimum Focus (mm): 180


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