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25 years of Nikon DSLR's

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I just saw that a few days ago marks the 25th anniversary (15 Feb 1999) of the Nikon D1, Nikon's first in-house DSLR.  We are now on the D6, which I suspect will be the last professional grade DSLR they make.  


It is interesting that they ended both the F and D lines after 6 major model numbers.  I am not sure if it's fate or design.  


I read a rumor that Nikon has ended production of all F-mount gear, but we will have to wait for official confirmation on that one, although it would not be a surprise to me if they did so.



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I wasn't even aware of a D6 to be honest. There are just so many cameras out there now, making a decision on what system to buy into as a newbie to the craft must be a helluva thing these days. I do remember lusting after the D1 when I first got into the Nikon system 24 years ago. 

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They only got to 5 with the Nikon 1 series (CX) 😀.  I’ve still got a J1 in the cupboard somewhere.

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Seems like yesterday.  Canon, IIRC were nearly a year before Nikon in introducing their first DSLR.

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