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the master sword


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link found the master sword.  i built the forest using some aquarium driftwood pieces, rocks and moss.  the fog was created with the ulanzi filmog, my first time using this handheld fog machine.  it's pretty sweet.




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11 hours ago, Dallas said:

Awesome! Would love to see a "behind the scenes" of the set up for this. 


i'm really bad about remembering to take a bts shot.  but it was my first time using any of my woodlands stuff so i made sure to grab one.  you can see the ulanzi fog machine tubing lying behind the figure, the machine itself is lying on the table and going off the right side of the frame at the bottom.  but it ended up working better to wave the tubing around in the scene and grab shots as the fog dissipated.  the two panel lights are godox led panels set to the lowest brightness and coolest temp, the snooted cube light is a ulanzi cube light and it has a yellow gel on it.  the final shot was done without the snoot and the driftwood in the back was rotated a little.



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