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I have spent much of the day doing some cleaning up of the Gallery area for FZ. 


If you are looking to get people to see your images on FZ, this is probably the best place to do it because your recently uploaded image will appear on the What's New feed (also added to the menu today) as well as on the top of the home page of the website. 


For now I have created some general categories for posting into, but members can also create their own albums and post their images in these. They will also appear in the feeds and on the home page too. If there are specialist categories that members would like to see please do get in touch with me and I will be happy to add them (if you are going to use them). 


As with the rest of Fotozones, you can also tag your images uploaded so that they can easily be grouped with other similar images. For example, I am currently in a personal "pic a day" project that I am doing with my Fujifilm X100. I am tagging my posts in this project with X100 Files, so when the tag is clicked on it will show all the similarly tagged items. 


Hopefully we will see more participation on FZ using this part of the platform. 

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The gallery is still working but since nobody other than myself seems to use it I have removed the block of recent uploads at the top of the home page. 

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