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Birds of prey


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Last month I went to a Birds of Prey workshop. Here are some of my photos, all with Z7II and 100-400 S.1921999648_20230312_BirdsofPrey_8240copy.thumb.jpg.94061ffa77ce76ae3a6c883fe5323d2e.jpg2092784510_20230312_BirdsofPrey_9393.thumb.jpg.4506e695177493e7084bbe367bf244b8.jpg698006815_20230312_BirdsofPrey_9408_openWithcopy2.thumb.jpg.9a48794881a750f78e1f265ac1c51636.jpg

20230312_Birds of Prey_9403.jpg

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Great captures and thanks for sharing. 

See my content here:

http://www.visualohio.com | BESTLIGHTPHOTO BLOG | 500px Profile & Pics


I shoot Nikon, Olympus, Minolta, Pentax and Leica.  Probably not enough!  LOL

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Awesome! The first one has a perfect light.



Nikon / Zeiss

"You are not a loser when you're defeated.
You are a loser when you quit".
(Dr. House)

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