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Ricoh GW-4 - 21mm Wide Angle Adapter for the GR III

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Everyone should have at least one wide angle option for those times when you are in close or you want to get a massive vista without stitching.


We are going to look into the GW-4 wide angle lens adapter for the Ricoh GR III. This adapter requires an additional purchase of the GA-1. New, all together, we are looking at a roughly $300 purchase to go from a field of view of 28mm to 21mm.


While that may not sound like much, wider makes a more significant difference than a telephoto.

Our investigation and review will cover image quality and overall usability of this lens adapter. Let’s go!


Disclosure – images were post processed to my liking and in various styles. Some were processed from RAW and others may be custom film simulations that were run in camera.





The front element of this adapter is massive when compared to the size of the GR III. It also adds some noticeable weight to the front and you can feel the lens wanting to pull the camera downward.


Now, in reality, this is still not a large lens and the lens plus adapter could fit in a coat pocket opposite the GR III.

The rubber lens hood is an odd addition. It slips on the outside section of the metal lens.


Overall it is a useable package, but the GW-4 does negate the slim profile of the camera.


There are metal connections between the GA-1 and the Ricoh GR III that let the camera know that the wide adapter is attached and it registers on the display. If you look on the right side, you’ll see the word WIDE, letting you know that the adapter is registered.


With the adapter attached, the EXIF information also changes to the new focal length/field of view rating of 13.8mm instead of the usual 18mm.




Weather Sealed
Not sure of the weather sealing, but it should survive a few drops from a light shower. However, please make your own decision on what you feel is an acceptable risk on weather sealing claims and the conditions you will be shooting in.



Image Quality

So here is what most want to know. This is a sharp adapter. We’ve had experience with the Fuji X100V and the wide and tele adapters and this one is just as sharp as the Fuji options. It pairs well with the Ricoh GR III. I cannot see anyone being disappointed with the IQ you get with this setup.


As I like to do, let’s allow the images to speak for themselves.


There is no aperture change either, so you get the full f/2.8 through f/16 range.





Focus is still controlled by the actual lens that is part of the Ricoh GR III. I did not notice any change in focus speed with the GW-4 attached, which was what I expected.







OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)
The IBIS in the Ricoh GR III is still active and fully functional with the GW-4 attached.



Bottom Line


Serving a specific purpose and used for that purpose, this is a great lens add on. Sharp and does not really change the way the camera functions, other than giving you the wider field of view. it is a bit of an odd choice to have the GA-1 and the GW-4 sold separate and the rubber lens hood did not seem like a well thought out option either.


All in all – the adapter and lens serve the purpose and do what is needed.


Bottom Line = Recommend, but depending on need of a wide angle option. If you do need/want a wider field of view for your GR III – then you have no need to worry about declined image quality, focus speed or losing light from smaller apertures.







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