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Human pixelization


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 Days are passing for the photographer as images are vanishing even in our remembering faulty mind because, you know, photography has always been an instant frozen past that we have carefully recorded to grab some of that ephemeral reality that is surrounding us everyday. Yes, we cherish those pictures of something that simply doesn't exist anymore. Our memory is full of these souvenirs and nostalgia is always around the corner like a flavor that we want to preserve eternally. Ah! those moments are precious and by the cruelty of life they will disappear into the oblivion ocean. 

We are living in the instant flash of digital civilization that never really understood the importance of the historic continuity of human cultural preservation. There is no more big collective historic preoccupation since secluded individualism have replaced cultural identity that have always been an essential of the human kaleidoscope. I don't really care about the universe, a notion that our small mind (or brain) cannot embrace even partially. No, I care about us, about my family, my friends, my fellow humans but it seems for this moment of our history, we are fewer and fewer to do so... 

Who is interested to take the relay among us to perpetuate, all least momentarily, our perilous path in particular in regard of our inherent fragility to survive and to progress? Documenting is also a strong cultural representation of humanity and photography use to be one of the most powerful way of doing so. Man (and Woman, of course) in its reality, man in its action, man in its thinking, man in its progress but also man in its failures, man in its cruelty, man in its desperation. 

We cannot simply abstract what we don't like or not agree and distort reality to some king of our own and false virtually that will sooner or later be vaporized. All the photographers of this world have a duty to preserve even a small instant of lucidity about its surrounding universe and share it.
Photos Daniel M: Fujifilm X-T20 / Fujinon XF18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS (Lisbon, Portugal)


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A trace of light that survive a little further than the actual moment of flash.


Daniel M on Flickr

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