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Another skyline

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Had a bit of spare time waiting to pick up one of my kids, so grabbed a few pictures - I'd just missed sunset, but there was still lots of colour in the sky.








And then as the colour started to go, I had to find another composition.





All shot Fuji X-E3 with 70-300 and, a change for me, I remembered to stick the tripod into the car too.




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These are great, however they (and others you've shown of late) show a Melbourne that is totally unrecognisable to me, even though I spent my life from ages 11 to 42 living there full-time. On the other hand, my adopted near city of Hobart still looks much the same as it did when I arrived here from there nearly 28 years ago.

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Hmm. Mixed bag here I think. The colors are definitely vibrant, but the obstructions and various 'noise' in the shots seems to take away. The 2nd shot seems ever so tilted, but not sure..  Anyway, when you see a sunset like this you don't always have time to find the best shooting spot, so good work in capturing the moment.


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It can certainly be a challenge finding locations with a good view but without clutter from trees and power lines.  There are so many times I’m driving down the road and get a glimpse of the skyline but translating that into a picture is often impossible as it would involve setting up in the middle of the road - moving to the side of the road and the trees and powerlines spoil it.


There is one location - Studly park drive - that is just about perfect and I’ve posted from there before, but that needs a bit of planning for me to get to if I want to catch the sunset.


Dropped pin


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