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The Old Place

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14 years I lived here. Next weekend I move to a new home in a different suburb. 


I liked this house, but I think the move will be good for my state of mind. I have become stagnant here. The new place is slightly bigger and will be more conducive to my work. 


I thought you might like to see the pics I took for the owner's adverts. These are some of them. 




Main lounge. This is the most awkward of rooms to arrange furniture in. 




Looking back towards the entrance from the passage. 




In the passage with a glimpse of the studio and master bedroom. 




The kitchen. This is the best we've ever had and the new place has a kitchen about half this size. We'll miss this one for sure. I didn't ever like the orange tiles and choice of cupboard melamine though.




The 2nd lounge and my wife's WFH office. 







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What a nice place!


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Nikon / Zeiss

"You are not a loser when you're defeated.
You are a loser when you quit".
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Thanks Aguinaldo. It has served us well. The proximity to the boy’s high school was very convenient while they were still young. Sadly the neighbourhood has been in decline since lockdown and we’ve been wanting to move further away from the city since then. This area is very close to the university so there is a lot of student activity nearby. And students can be … very disruptive. 

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10 hours ago, blurmagic said:

Your furniture looks so comfortable!  Nice....


We hate it! :D 


The black leather suite I bought (for a small fortune) in 2001 when I got retrenched. It’s held up remarkably well considering we have never treated the leather, but I just don’t like the style anymore. I said to Nikki that we could probably get more for the leather than the suite if we sold it. 


The other sectional suite was my brother’s. He gave it to my Dad when he left for Australia in 2008 and when Dad died it came to me. It’s ok, but the high head rests are annoying. I’d like to get new covers made for it and maybe chop off the headrests. Don’t know where we are going to put this one in the new spot. 

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On 14/05/2022 at 01:32, Dallas said:


We hate it! :D  The black leather suite I bought (for a small fortune) in 2001…


But they seem to be so confortable. It reminds us when my wife and I at the very beginning of our together life bought a similar leather couch set that we have finally replace after more than 24 years of loyal services by a so-called modern couch (still leather). I can assure you that I had never been able to fell so cosy like the first beloved-hated set! Our only consolation is that the old one would never fit in our new small condo-appartement (or may be on the balcony? 😉 )

We hope you the best at your new place!

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