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March '22 Challenge: In motion


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I am a few days late bringing the new challenge theme for the month but hey, somebody chopped off 3 days from the previous month, so I'm sticking with that as my excuse. 


So this month, if you feel like flexing your photographic muscles, our challenge is to capture something "In Motion". Feel free to interpret this any way you wish. Submit it here in this thread and let's get a conversation going. :) 


Entries will close by the end of the month. 

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The blur sensation is often associated with motion in photography. It may represent the travelling light route of the subject and is surprizely almost as informative than a clear and still object.
Have a nice day!



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A trace of light that survive a little further than the actual moment of flash.


Daniel M on Flickr

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The motion is implied. :) I got bored sitting in the car waiting for the wife to finish work, so ... the phone was there on the dashboard. 




Editing in Exposure X7. 

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Great shot, Fons! 


Come on everybody, there is still a week left to enter this challenge. For April's challenge I am going to choose one of the entrant's to this one to pick the next theme, so if you'd like to be considered upload an entry. :) Let's get this community shooting and sharing again. 

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