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Some B&W with the AF-S Nikkor 500mm f/5.6 Pf

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Taken yesterday at the Botanical Garden.

Thank you for looking.



50287862536_85d4a2c51f_b.jpgaD5S_8365 by Aguinaldo  Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr




50287862231_0d89666a1d_b.jpgaD5S_8309 by Aguinaldo  Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr




50288014247_44112c27f1_b.jpgaD5S_8254 by Aguinaldo  Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr




50288013917_f0596e6297_b.jpgaD5S_8276 by Aguinaldo  Tinoco de Paula, no Flickr

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Nikon / Zeiss

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