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Some good luck this year .. didn't begin well tho' !


Back in early June I noticed an unfamiliar bird nesting in the rose trellis alongside the front door, which I thought was a garden warbler. There were at least four small eggs which were bluish white with brown mottling. With the postman and other deliveries, she (assumption) would zoom off, but hatched them all successfully. I consulted a local ornithologist, who identified it as a Spotted Flycatcher, and was very pleased to know about it. Here she is at the nest .. (Z7 / FTZ / 300 2.8 + TC20 iii tripod)




However, disaster struck and the chicks were all predated by an unknown culprit. Adult disappeared.


For some reason I kept an eye on the nest, a couple of days later there was a new egg, then another 'til there were four. I found myself developing huge admiration for this little bird .. and determined to help her succeed. To cut a long story short, she hatched all four again, and I then decided to protect the nest, using some chicken wire to fashion a dome over the nest. She adapted to this immediately, popping in and out through the mesh. Well, it worked like a charm, much to my relief, and the last one fledged last Friday .. I managed some hand held macro shots while it was doing pre-flight checks .. (Z7 / FTZ / Sig 180 2.8 Macro)




Get the size of the chick ! They were somewhat used to me hanging around by then, and I managed to get the wire off without anyone panicking .. they wouldn't have fitted through it !


Nest is a bit empty now .. ;((


cheers, Maurice

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"Wild things are always faster"

from 'Two Dogs' by Philip Hodgins



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