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Monthly Subscriptions Discontinued & A Call For Support


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I have decided to discontinue the monthly subscription offer for Fotozones because the renewals don't seem to be working for all members. At this stage only one member has an active monthly renewal. I'm not sure why this is, but suspect it has something to do with the interface between Invision and PayPal. I just don't have the time right now to investigate this, so what I have decided to do is offer a quarterly and biannual subscription offer which members who would like to support Fotozones can purchase and receive the digital perks of doing so without a monthly hassle. A renewal invoice will be raised when the subscription ends and it is then up to the member whether they want to renew for the next period of time. 


The subscription plans can be purchased here


At this time Fotozones can definitely use some more support. Unfortunately my situation isn't pleasant with the corona virus lockdowns and I am scrambling to pay all the bills by doing whatever I can. The Fotozones 6-month license is due to be paid any day now and while I can cover this with the previous round of support that I got from the members who care, I want to make this a more sustainable playground for recreational photographers who have made this their favourite hang out online.


On 1 July I will be removing up to 72 dormant accounts. These are members who have not logged in for 3 years or more. This takes care of a lot of legacy issues and it also means that everybody who is still a member of Fotozones wants to be here, which is great. Please help me to make this a better place. I need your help, both financially and socially. I need people who are active here to post more often and to also share the content they find here with their friends in photography. Invite others. A lot of effort has gone into making this a great community and I am 100% committed to keeping it going, but there is only so much I can do on my own. Please help if you can. Donate, subscribe, spread the word. There are things that you can do on Fotozones that I don't see many other photography sites doing, specifically the Niche Zones where subscribing members can create their own micro-forums within Fotozones and control everything about those Niche Zones. This is a great feature. You can even make money off Fotozones by using the marketplace here to sell downloads in the form of eBooks, presets for software. 


Thank you for reading. 



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7 hours ago, Walter Rowe said:

Subscribed! Happy to support the site @Dallas.


Thank you so much, Walter. 

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