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Walter Rowe

Capture One for Nikon / 20.1 Update

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Looks like the rumors were true. The new version of Capture One is out today and they announced a new Capture One for Nikon edition.


According to their website, there is a new Capture One for Nikon branded edition with Express and Pro versions (like Sony, Fujifilm). They also now have new ICC Profiles that simulate the Nikon Picture Control profiles you can set in-camera for select Nikon models. I downloaded the update and the profiles look pretty good compared to an in-camera JPG made with the same Picture Control profile. It doesn't support my older cameras (D100, D200, D300), but does support my D800, D850 and Z7. The release notes page has a longer list of camera models for which Picture Control profiles are supported. They are still offering the free 1-year SmugMug subscription, but it only seems to be for new SmugMug users and not for users who already have a SmugMug account.


Other major updates in this release include:

  • New Heal / Clone Brushes – apply infinite heals / clones with individual sources
  • New Before / After View – choose between sliding split-view and image swap
  • Redesigned Brushes – distinct looks indicate adjustment, heal, clone, erase
  • Improved Workspace – collapsed tools, batch tool moved to output tab, batch tab removed
  • Improved Lightroom importer – more clear what gets transferred
  • New activation / on-boarding flow – easier for new users
  • New website, logos, and branding


It also has support for new cameras including the Olympus E-M1 Mark III.


You can download it here: https://captureone.38d4qb.net/c/1303261/823118/8798


You can read the full release notes here: https://support.captureone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360008695238-Capture-One-20-13-1-0-release-notes

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