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15 hours ago, Dallas said:

I like the idea but am finding the specular highlights in her eyes a bit distracting. 

Perhaps if the highlights were tinted to match the colour of the flame.  


My preference is for fire related pictures to look like they were using the fire as the light source, even if you did need extra light sources to get acceptable light levels.






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Thanks fellows. I need more feedback this year so expect to see more posts from me in 2020.


Dallas, Luc, I bought the Tamron F017 90mm f2.8 macro about 6 months ago and am still learning what its characteristics are. Note that I also have an older manual focus Tamron 90mm f2.8, but was finding it unusable during model shoots with the models moving around so much. I've found that the new version has different bokeh, and am still determining where it works and doesn't ... here, I think it created a sort of strange, unearthly look in the model's eyes (can anyone say, The Terminator?). It will take a lot more experimentation to know where to use it and where not.


crowecg, I think I see what you mean. This was shot while there was still sunlight. I just played around with it to try to create the effect you describe, not sure I got anywhere w/ it, but here it is.


Here's another full portrait of the model BTW. A bit of a warm up shot.




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