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Seaside sunset

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A few recent sunset pictures









all Fuji x-e3 with 55-200 and Velvia film simulation.

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Ditto to what Luc has said.

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A few more....



Sunset #4 - same location, different night.



Sunset #5  - a little further west, with birds heading west.



Sunset #6 same night and not far from #5.  Normally, I'd be happy with a silhouette, but I know lots of you ask for more detail in the shadows, so I've lifted the shadows a bit and revealed..... Shadows!  And I like it.



Sunset #7  Similar to #6 with a bit of lifting of shadows.


All Fuji X-E3 with 55-200.  Processed from RAW with Capture 1. 

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    • By crowecg
      I've waited months to get this shot - there is a 3-4 week period twice a year when things line up!  Same spot up on Studley Park Road that I have used previously.  I was hoping desperately that the cloud didn't thicken as I drove over.

      I might post a few more once I get through reviewing them.
    • By crowecg
      This is from a couple of weeks ago.  The poor little thing was getting mobbed by a flock of seagulls and finally settled on the wall close to me. I must have seemed less threatening than the gulls.

      Fuji E-E3 with Fuji 55-200
    • By crowecg
      A few from a recent trip to Sydney.

      Landmarks - all in one picture!

      & @ night 

      View from small park further back - a nice little pocket of green and peacefulness among the city bustle.

      Through the blinds - as we sat down for dinner, the setting sun was visible through the blinds and created a nice painterly image.
      It was a bit of a challenging trip with quite a bit of disruption on the way up - my first flight was cancelled before I even set out to the airport, the replacement got as far as Canberra before circling for about 90 minutes then returning to Melbourne and after a bit of waiting again to get rebooked I got home around 11pm before the third flight at 7am on Saturday morning eventually got me there.  
    • By crowecg
      This morning I found a bit of time and managed to get back to a location overlooking the Melbourne skyline to try and recreate some shots I took a little of 8 years ago.  The comparisons are interesting both in the changes in the cityscape and in the cameras available to me.
      This was the original shot I wanted to recreate - a crop from a 6Mpixel image taken with a Nikon D50 and 18-55

      Skyline 1
      And the newer image - a slight crop of a 24Mpixel image taken with a Fuji X-E3 and 18-55.

      Skyline 2 
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